Council to act on animal control ordinance

Action on an amended animal control ordinance for the City of Borger will move forward this Tuesday.During its regular meeting Tuesday, the Borger City Council will take action to introduce an ordinance amending the City of Borger Code of Ordinances, Chapter 2, Animal Control.The Borger City Council was set to act on this ordinance last fall, but postponed action after a lengthy meeting and public hearing was held for the public.In other business, the council will receive a petition requesting annexation of a 19.773 acre tract of land in Section 23, Block “Y”, Arnold & Barrett-Morris & Cummings Survey, Hutchinson County. It will also instruct staff to prepare a service plan and adopt a resolution scheduling two public hearings.The council will also act on an ordinance amending the City of Borger Code of Ordinances pertaining to traffic schedules and one-way streets and alleys. The ordinance, if passed, will remove West Drive as a one-way street.Action will be taken on a resolution authorizing the submission of a Cops Hiring Recovery Grant Application to the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services.The council will also act on meeting minutes from its first regular March meeting and expenditures for the first half of March.A time for questions and comments from citizens will be held. Citizens who have indicated their desire to speak to the city council will be heard at this time.In compliance with the Texas Open Meetings Act, unless the subject matter is on the agenda, city council members are prevented from acting on the subject and may respond only with statements of factual information or existing city policy.However, city council members may refer the person making the comment to a staff member or request city staff to place the subject matter on the future open meeting agenda. Citizens are limited to three minutes for their presentation to the city council.