Construction progresses

Work on the new Golden Plains Community Hospital is continuing to progress in a positive direction.The hospital should be completed around the end of September, with full occupancy set to take place around the middle of October. The facility will be housed entirely on one floor, with no basements or elevators, and will feature private and semi-private rooms in the med/surg area for a total of 25 inpatient beds, which does not include outpatient services. There is also a nurse’s station in that area that will enable nurses to provide quick and efficient care to the patients in those rooms.The bathrooms in the patient rooms are larger than in the current facility and feature built-in showers. There is also a large shower space for patients that need extra nursing help.Joel Arnold, Clerk of the Works for GPCH, said the new facility has been built with more room for patient care in mind. The labor and delivery rooms are designed so that the expectant mother can go through the entire process without having to leave the room. All of these rooms feature whirlpool tubs for the comfort of the expectant mom as well.The nursery area has dropped windows for easier viewing. Behind the nursery are treatment areas and an isolation nursery for babies who need special care.In the main entrance area will be the receptionists and admission clerks. There is a gift shop in the entrance area and admission cubicles behind the front desk to help admitting patients have more privacy when coming in to the hospital.Emergency room waiting is to the right of the front desk. The triage room leads straight into the emergency room. The new emergency room will have six treatment areas, as compared to four in the current facility. The hallways are built in such a way that patients can easily be transported from that area to the department where they can get the best care possible.Arnold said GPCH will still continue to offer all of the services to patients that it always has, but will be able to do so with state-of-the-art equipment. The radiology department will have just such equipment in providing services such as X-Rays and CAT scans. The CT Scanner is a 24 Slice Toshiba model.In addition to an onsite pharmacy, the hospital has two operating rooms also featuring state-of-the-art technology. Arnold said the rooms are built in such a way that good clean air will flow around the patients during their surgical procedures, keeping them comfortable and preventing the spread of infection.The new facility will also have an endoscopy room and a large pre-op area for day surgery. The recovery area is just around the corner from the pre-op area. Arnold said the large space is one that hospital staff can utilize well. There will be five beds in the recovery area.The EMS will have its own ambulance barn onsite. The barn has its own day room, sleep room, and kitchen area. “Our EMS is really happy about that,” Arnold said.There will also be a helicopter landing area onsite, so patients needing transport to another hospital facility will not have to be transported from the Aluminum Dome or Borger High School.Other features of the new facility include a board room for meetings, a cafeteria with inside and outside dining, a kitchen filled with new equipment, classrooms for training, a medical records office, and additional office space. The physical therapy area is also progressing well, with paint already on the walls and electrical wiring and fire alarms installed.The home health offices, mailroom, human resources area, and administration offices have already been carpeted and painted. There is also a waiting area for patients who need blood work done.The new hospital laboratory will have all new equipment and more space for those working in that part of the facility. “Our lab personnel will be happy with it,” Arnold said.Another feature of the new hospital will be extra parking for outpatient services. Arnold said the availability of parking will be much better than at the current facility.The main plant of the hospital will feature a maintenance shop, boiler room, air compressor, and vacuum pump. The entire facility has more automation and air conditioning units than the present facility. Security cameras will also be put up throughout the facility to ensure the safety of patients and staff.Arnold said there is a road that will be used as an emergency entrance and a main loop road that will eventually become a city street.Overall, he said the contractor, engineers, and architect on the hospital project have been great. “Everyone works as one big family,” Arnold said.