Connecticut family pleads for father's return

A mother of two from Connecticut has contacted the Borger News-Herald with a plea for her husband, Michael, who left home two weeks ago and has not returned. “Two weeks ago today my husband and my children’s daddy got up to go to work, kissed and hugged me goodbye told me he loved me. He walked out the door and never came back...” said Susan Cox of Kensington, CT, in a letter to the News-Herald.“We are begging and pleading and praying to God everyday that he comes home. He needs to know how very very much we love him and want and need him with us. We want to see him, and hug him and tell him that everything can be ok.”Cox believes that her husband may be in the Hutchinson County area, where he is originally from. He has lived in Connecticut for approximately sixteen years after moving there for Navy service. Cox has two twin daughters who will turn fourteen on December 4. “We just want my husband and their daddy home. The kids miss him desperately.”Cox said her husband left home on the 2nd of this month and the family has been unable to contact him since then. Cox’s options are limited, but the family holds out hope that their husband and father will return soon.“We just want my husband and their daddy home. We cant make the trip there to find him because we don’t have the resources. If I spend that much money there wont be much left for our children, so I cant do that.”Cox states that there were no signs or indications that anything was wrong. “[There was] Never even a fight ... that’s not how we were.”Cox describes her husband as “a wonderful, loving man. I don’t know what happened. I don’t understand.”“The pain is excruciating. We have offered to come to him but no response. We were/are an extremely loving family. He is our world. But now our world is shattered.” With the girls’ birthdays and holidays nearing, Cox hopes that her husband will see this article and “remember what he has left behind.”