Communications a vital part of BPD

When it comes to the Borger Police Department and other local agencies in the area, they rely heavily on the communications department to keep them informed.The communications section of the BPD is on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, according to the 2010 annual report submitted to the City of Borger by the BPD.The department provides radio and phone communications 911 assistance, pre-arrival medical help and dispatch services for all emergency services within Hutchinson County.The communications department works three eight-hour shifts and is staffed by two officers at all times. They are on duty around the lock and help to provide important service not only to the citizens of Borger but all of Hutchinson County.In terms of calls for the Borger Fire Department, the communications department responded to 1,364 calls in 2010, compared to 1,373 in 2009. In terms of calls for the Fritch Fire Department, the department dispatched 199 calls in 2010 in its first year of doing so, and 96 calls were dispatched by the department for the Stinnett Fire Department.The communications department began dispatching calls for the Borger EMS on Aug. 1, 2009. The department dispatched 586 calls for the Borger EMS in 2009 and 1,475 calls in 2010.The department dispatched 279 calls for the Fritch EMS in 2009, and saw that number increase to 625 in 2010, and also saw those numbers increase for the Stinnett EMS, with 86 calls in 2009 to 208 in 2010.In terms of local law enforcement agencies, the communications department dispatched 21,343 calls for BPD in 2010, compared to 19,887 in 2009.In terms of incident reports created, the department dispatched 3,120 calls in 2010 for BPD compared to 3,834 in 2009.For the Fritch Police Department, the communications department dispatched 2,570 calls in 2010, compared to 2,493 in 2009. 1,035 calls were dispatched for the Stinnett Police Department in 2010, compared to 1,495 in 2009.3,762 calls were dispatched for the Hutchinson County Sheriff’s Office in 2010, compared to 3,547 in 2009. 626 calls were dispatched for the National Park Service in 2010, compared to 726 in 2009.