Commissioners back disaster declaration for county

Hutchinson County Commissioners have thrown their backing behind the recent disaster declaration banning the sale and use of fireworks across the area.On Thursday morning in the Hutchinson County Courthouse, the commissioners approved the declaration for the ban of fireworks lasting through July 5, 2011. Hutchinson County Fire Marshal Danny Richards stated that it makes no difference whether it is inside or outside the county, people will still be prosecuted. Police will be ordered to write tickets to those who do not obey the restrictions. He also said that people have asked what would happen if the area gets a significant amount of rain before the ban runs out. Richards said, “The best that we can say is that the Texas Forest Service will determine [if this will happen]. They will tell the governor and the governor will rescind the order.” He continued to say, “We are preparing for the worst.” The Texas Forest Service is monitoring the drought areas every day and and the areas are getting worse, he said. If the area doesn’t get rain soon, it will be at least another week until it has the chance for rain again.