Come take a hike at Lake Meredith this summer

Lake Meredith National Recreation Area has opened the Harbor Bay East leg of the new South Shore Trail System for hiking.This trail starts at the old Harbor Bay boat launch ramp and runs about two miles to the northeast towards Fritch Canyon.The new Lake Meredith South Shore Trail System will consist of five phases of primitive trails totaling about 22 miles in length. Phase I is in the Harbor Bay and Fritch Canyon area; Phase II will be between Harbor Bay and Short Creek; Phase III between Short Creek and South Turkey Creek; Phase IV will start at the mouth of South Turkey Creek and continue up the canyon; and Phase V is between Fritch Fortress and the northern part of Phase I. This trail is of moderate difficulty and takes about 1 to 1 ½ hours to hike.The new trail will be for hiking and biking only. Horses and motorized vehicles are not allowed and pets will be permitted only if they are on a leash. Portions of the trail will be a firebreak and provide health and safety benefits to visitors and surrounding communities. The trail will also provide increased access for emergency people responding to visitor safety issues in the area.Getting to the new trail, take Highway 136 to the southern boundary of Fritch and turn on Lakeview Drive at the Harbor Bay sign. Follow the road to Harbor Bay and continue to the parking area for the old boat ramp. The entrance to the trail is in the northeast corner of the parking lot. For more information, call park headquarters at 806-857-3151.