Comanches bag the Bucks to remain undefeated

WHITE DEER-It only took 12 seconds for the West Texas Comanches to let White Deer know they were not going to be very gracious visitors Friday night. Senior Colin Coleman took the opening kick off 80 yards for a touchdown, as WT High played their first road game of the season. Alex Ramirez added the PAT and WT was up 7-0 with most of the first quarter left.The Comanche defense was again, the star of the show however. Stifling, smothering, stingy, ferocious, are just a few words that describe the play of the defense. Austin Ivy and Ty Lay were monsters as they continuously harassed and pressured the Bucks’ backfield. Dylan Ewing and Daniel Bustillos also caused major damage. Connor St. Charles, Ramirez, Clay Berry, Chase Elliiott, Isaac DeLuna, and Brice Martin were also part of the wrecking crew. Ramirez and Martin also had an interception apiece. Lay also got a pick late in the game, as he was rushing the QB.I wish there were offensive numbers to share, but this writer was unable to obtain any from the home crew. Senior quarterback Alex Ramirez and running back Coleman both had stellar performances for the Tribe, gobbling up yardage with their speedy feet all night long. Carlos Juarez and Chase Elliott also made their presence known when they carried the football. Martin had several key blocks along the way to open up scoring lanes for his teammates. WT’s opening kick off score was the only score of the first quarter. The next touchdown was on a nice run from Ramirez, who broke a tackle to get free on a 45 yard scoring run. The kick was no good and WT led 13-0 with 9:46 left in the half. White Deer from the 2 yard line, after the WT defender fell down to set up first and goal from the 2. The kick was good for a 13-7 score with 4:24 left in the half.Then there was the punt from White Deer that garnered several yellow flags. After several minutes of conferring by the officials, it was decided to push WT way back into their own territory, instead of the great field position they should have had at the Buck 40. The Comanches just took it in stride. Ramirez made a sweet 37 yard run, then completed a pass to Martin, who made a great catch at the 4 yard line. Two plays later Ramirez was in for the score. Ramirez added the PAT and WT took a 20-7 lead into the locker room.The Bucks put together their only other scoring drive of the game toward the end of the third quarter. They started at their own 41 yard line after a WT punt. White Deer scored on a pass and the 2 point try was no good. The score was 20-13 with 1:48 left in the third. The quarter ended with an unsportsmanlike conduct call against the Bucks, and a WT lead of 20-13.Ramirez had made a 27 yard run and gone out of bounds, when the penalty occurred. The penalty yardage moved the ball to the Bucks 18 yard line. Ramirez, Coleman, and Juarez took turns with the ball, and Coleman did the honors of crossing the goal line fro 7 yards out. Ramirez added the PAT for a 27-13 lead with 10:42 remaining in the game.Coleman added another touchdown from 39 yards out, with Martin having a key block downfield. That made the score 33-13 with 6:04 left in the game. It was at this point in the game, that I am sure the quarterback for the Bucks was wondering what the number of the bus was that was pounding him every play. That would be #70, big Ty Lay. The final insult of the night for White Deer, came after a 35 yard Ramirez to Martin to the Bucks 32 yard line. Coleman added a 24 yard trip to pay dirt and Ramirez added the PAT for the final score of 40-13 with 1:15 left on the game clock.WT High moves to 3-0 and will host the Spearman Lynx next Friday for their 2011 Homecoming game. The Comanches are planning a special evening to celebrate 25 years of consolidation with the Stinnett, Phillips, and Plemons schools.