Coaches talk about proposal to cut down on two-a-days

Earlier this week, the University Interscholastic League’s (UIL) medical advisory committee made the recommendation to cut down on the number of two-a-day practices, including banning them from the first four days of training camp.The medical advisory committee also recommended on days when there is more than one practice, players shall have at least two hours rest in between. Also no team can hold two-a-days on consecutive days.The rule changes must still be approved by the UIL’s executive committee later this month and then the state commissioner of education.When asked about the possible changes on two-a-day workouts, both Borger High School Head Football Coach Rusty Purser and West Texas High Head Football Coach Keith Hardin seemed to not be completely against the recommendation with Hardin commenting, “Any changes the UIL makes are ok with me, because all schools will be held to the same standard.”If the UIL’s executive committee moves forward on the recommendation, Purser would like to see the small school be able to participate in spring football to make up for the post time they would lose in the fall.Purser said, “My opinion is that they need to allow all schools to utilize spring training, and then cut the week off of two-a-day practices. I realize that the argument has always been that spring ball in a small school would take away from spring sports. But by the second week in May, all sports with the exception of the second or third round of baseball are completed. Purser added, “Spring football would eliminate some of the grind that must take place during two-a-day workouts, enabling kids to handle the heat and multiple practices better. During the spring, the heat is not as much of a factor, and you are coming right off of an offseason program which has allowed kids to be in the best shape possible at that time.” If the option for spring practice is not offered to the smaller classifications, Purser said it would potentially make it difficult for schools like Borger or Pampa to be willing to play 4A teams in non-district play. Purser said, “I am afraid to say that if the UIL goes the other way, and just cuts workouts or forces a later start date, we will see more and more separation between our alignment class sizes, and a greater risk of serious injury early in the season. I for one, would have a very difficult time scheduling games against 4A competition that will have basically four weeks in the spring, and another week in the fall to get ahead of us.”