City of Stinnett preparing for annual cleanup

The City of Stinnett is preparing for its annual cleanup.The cleanup was discussed at the city council meeting, held Monday evening at Stinnett City Hall.The annual cleanup for Stinnett will be held June 6 thru June 18, 2011. This year’s cleanup will be different from past years. There will be disposal bins at the recycling center and designated areas to drop off your items. Residents are NOT to place items in the alley. They will be responsible to bring their own items to the recycling center. Items allowed are tires, wood, limbs, metal, appliances, concrete, household trash, etc. There will be two trash bins that will be dumped as necessary. Mayor Billy Murphy said, ”Don’t stack stuff in the alley. It will not be picked up in the alley.” The city decided to spend a large portion of the city money to fix streets of Stinnett instead of hiring people to clean up the trash.“We are doing other stuff with the money,” Murphy said. “We are not hiring kids to pick up trash. We’ve spent that money, or we could go ahead and to the streets. It comes down to the dollar. We have spent the money. We can’t spend more than we have already spent.” In other meeting business, the council approved action for the city’s fire department to apply for a grant to build a new fire station. Justin Hart explained to the board that the grant will provide the metal for the building and construction but the city will have to provide all the inside such as concrete and insulation.