City of Borger participating in “Great Texas Warrant Round Up”

All through Texas, the law enforcement participates in a campaign called the “Great Texas Warrant Round Up” once a year through municipal courts.Statistics have to be compiled and sent to Austin to make a report to see how successful the roundup is in the long run.The warrant round-up for Borger will start this weekend with notifications being sent to any persons with warrants. Lists will also be in the Feb. 11 and 12, 2012, weekend edition of the Borger News Herald.Warrants need to be taken care of by Saturday, February 25, 2012, If not, officers will go to door-to-door to homes and workplaces and placing people for unattended warrants under arrest, who then will see the judge the next morning. As of now, the City of Borger holds over 1,800 active warrants. It makes a big difference to take care of one’s warrants and the city offers many ways to pay off anything you owe, such as payment plans and community service. Remember, any warrants that are not taken care of will just add up in the long run.