Citizen fighting closure of Sanford Post Office

Stinnett resident Kelly Tull, an eight-year employee of the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority, is using her business resources to save the Sanford Post Office from closure. Tull said, “I use this post office here because I’m here during my post office’s work hours, so in my opinion this is my post office. From a business standpoint, it’s going to cripple the way we do our day-to-day operation, as far as mailing and receiving mail if this post office were to close. “I realize that right now this is just being called a discontinuance study, but I’ve learned that this is a pretty economically disadvantaged community. This community has a lot of elderly and I can’t imagine those people having to travel seven to ten miles to pick up their mail or to receive personal post office customer service. “The post office wasn’t founded to be a money maker, it was founded to provide universal service of mail to all customers, and if they were to close every post office on the discontinuance list it would be 7/10 of one percent of their total operating budget,” she said Tull located through the Internet an organization called NAPUS (National Association of Postmasters of the United States). She contacted the company and was sent information such as pre written letters, where she just had to insert a date, name, and the town of the post office location. They then were sent to the district manager of the post office and state representatives. She also created an address list and printed out packets that she has been trying to get out to the people in the community. “We are encouraging people to go online and comment and also to attend the meeting with the post office officials in Sanford at their community building on Sept. 8, 2011 at 6 p.m.,”said Tull. Tull also said U.S. Representative Mac Thornberry’s office keeps a list of all phone calls they receive regarding post office closures. She said, “Our goal is to keep this post office open. I don’t know if that’s going to happen, but we’re going to give it our best effort.” Another letter is included in the packet for additional information that should be known before citizens attend a post office town meeting. This gives everybody that receives one a chance to come up with their own ideas of why they need the post office and how it would inconvenience them. “I think it will make them get a little more active in trying to keep it open. I think a lot of people don’t think about how inconvenienced they would be until it’s staring them in the face,” added Tull. She continued to say, “My main goal in doing this was to say, ‘Yes, we need this post office from a business standpoint,’ but for the people who live day-to-day in this community they need this post office. I think the government is really out of touch with the communities as far as the way things work. Around here it’s kind of a slower pace. Im just glad we are able to provide the community with some information that maybe they wouldn’t have been able to find.” For more information about NAPUS, see Sanford citizens are eligible to get a packet from Kelly Tull by calling 865-3325.