Christmas is Upon us Again

Faith Robertson
Staff Writer

Christmas is upon us again, it’s the time of year for family gatherings and gifts. It’s the time of year everyone is excited about. Christmas is viewed differently all around the world, but today we look at what Christmas means to a very special couple of our community. Nancy and Bobby (JoJo) Paige met in Borger in 1980. They fell in love quickly. They have since built a beautiful family whom they love spending their Christmas holiday with. So I sat down and ask them what Christmas means to them.
I asked Nancy first what Christmas meant in her eyes, “Christmas with my children was, I gotta get these presents for my kids. Now Christmas is, I have to spend time with my grandchildren and my kids. It isn’t about presents anymore.” This little bit goes to show growth in our lives. We learn as we get older to appreciate the small things.
I also wanted to hear some from Bobby, JoJo says, “They made Christmas a federal holiday to try to bring peace to our nation for everyone that was dying, to try to bring joy to the people. I think Christmas for me is love, it’s getting together and giving all your love. It’s all the songs that are sung about “We will put all our worries behind, it’s Christmas Day!” My grandson last year said I’m too old for Christmas and Santa Clause, well that’s not what it’s about. It’s about the romance, being able to see the giving beyond what’s right in front of you.”
I then asked what was special about their Christmas or family traditions that they have. Nancy and JoJo both said “Opening one gift on Christmas Eve has been a tradition passed down for years.” JoJo also added “No matter what, I made sure I made it to Christmas every year, it’s my favorite time of the year.”
All in all the message is very clear, Christmas is about love and sharing it with the ones we love. Christmas is celebrating the birth of our lord and savior Jesus Christ, taking every chance we get to show someone we care. These are all general meanings of Christmas. So I ask you to take a moment and think, What does Christmas mean to you? Merry Christmas, have a blessed holiday!