In case you missed it:

Alex Mann
Managing Editor

It's been a big week in local news, and for those who missed it, a short review of recent events follows. A meeting of the Commissioners Court set the stage for a week of action taken by Hutchinson County. In addition to making required progress towards updating the county jail, the court also moved to clear debris outside Borger's library after receiving results of asbestos testing. The library itself made bigger news this week however, as Director Carolyn Wilkinson announced the building would once again open to the public on August 17.

Borger's school district made headlines as well, as Randy Hatfield was named principal of Crockett Elementary in order to raise the schools recent record of underperformance. Hatfield reports that faculty and staff are already eager to move forward, and he cites a full range of ideas to improve school standards.

Finally, a blood drive at Borger's Union Hall gave locals the chance to donate their time and blood in an effort to combat at regional blood shortage. While the blood drive may be finished for now, locals are encouraged to keep an eye out for upcoming drives in the surrounding area.