CareNet preparing for “The Great Turnaround”

The CareNet Pregnancy Center of Borger is preparing for a truly one-of-a-kind fundraiser.The center will hold its fundraiser, with a theme of “The Great Turnaround,” starting at 7 p.m. Thursday, April 19, 2012, at the Frank Phillips College library.Susan Trahern, Director of the CareNet Pregnancy Center in Borger, said a speaker from Bruce Wilkinson Ministries will be on hand for the event. Wilkinson is the author of “The Prayer of Jabez.” She said Wilkinson has become involved in the pregnancy center ministry recently. The Borger center is part of the national CareNet ministry. He said Wilkinson and his wife have refocused their ministry to help out pregnancy centers around the country.“It should be an exciting evening. One of the things he wants to see in this country is to turn it around, where we’re heading, to turn it around,” Trahern said. “He thinks one of the biggest things that needs to be done is that abortion needs to stop. It is the church’s responsibility as the believers who call themselves the church in the United States of America to say enough is enough. We have let it go on way too long.”She said Wilkinson’s goal this year is to raise $100 million for pregnancy centers throughout the country.There is a pregnancy center in downtown Detroit, Mich, that the Borger center helps out with some financial costs. However, the majority of the money raised at the fundraiser will go right back into funding the center in Borger.Trahern said the Borger center moved from its old location on Adams Street to its current location on Grand Street about two years ago. There was an unfinished room on the far side of the facility for quite a while, and it has been finished up within the last couple of months.“It just gave us a big large meeting to hold our training sessions and board meetings in,” she said. “It’s been a real blessing to us to get that done.”She said CareNet Pregnancy Center is here first and foremost to see that women in crisis pregnancy situations are not forced into abortion. “We try to help them with options that they have, either helping them with the choice of parenting their baby or helping them with referrals to places they can place their baby for adoption,” Trahern said.All of the center’s services are free, and it is dependent and grateful to the surrounding community, individuals, and businesses for all of their support. She said the center does not have to look for funding from the government.“We are able to operate solely on the community’s generosity,” Trahern said. “That’s a big thing for us right now.”Among the services provided to clients who enter the doors of the center are pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, the “Earn While You Learn” program, Bible studies, and videos on various family issues.“Our greatest desire is of course that they don’t choose abortion, but that they also choose to be good parents,” she said.Through the “Earn While You Learn” program, participants earn “dollars” for each lesson that they complete and can exchange them for items in the center’s store. The store has diapers, formula, pack ‘n’ plays, car seats, clothes, and all kinds of baby items. “This gives them an incentive to keep coming back and keep going through our material,” Trahern said. She said one of the center’s clients kept coming back several times over a two-year period, and she said it was neat to be able to minister in her life and the life of her boyfriend (now husband).The centers also offers a ministry that ministers one-on-one with young men about the importance of being good fathers. There are male volunteers who actively participate in this ministry.She said the center has had over 800 visits over the past year, which is one of the highest totals the center has seen.“We are seeing a greater increase of people walking through the door,” Trahern said. “That’s exciting.”To find out more about the services of the CareNet Pregnancy Center or the “Great Turnaround” fundraiser, call 806-273-8373.