Car explosion in Stinnett still under investigation

Officials are still investigating a car explosion that occurred last Thursday in Stinnett.In the early morning hours of Thursday, June 30, 2011, local Stinnett resident Jeff Irvin suffered second degree burns while trying to extinguish his burning vehicle, with the vehicle suddenly exploding. Irvin was transported to the Lubbock Burn Unit and was later released the same day around noon. Stinnett Police and Fire Marshal Danny Richards suspect arson is involved with this case. Richards said that all evidence has been sent to an arson lab in Austin, and results should be in within the next 10 days. Richards also stated that as part of the investigation, officials are working to try and recreate the explosion.“We feel we know what happened, but we want to confirm it,” he said. This process will be a controlled burn that will either take place in a city field or a properly prepared area. This will be taking place within the next couple of weeks. In trying to find the suspect, the County Fire Marshal’s Office, Stinnett Police Department, and Crime Stoppers have requested any information or tips leading to the perpetrator and intend on increasing the reward amount to a higher price. The reward currently sits at $1,000, but a request has been made to increase this amount. Persons with information may contact the Stinnett Police Department at 878-2422.