Callahan seeking election to Borger City Council

Brandy Callahan is seeking election to Borger City Council, Place One.Callahan is a lifetime resident of Borger, except for the few years that she was away attending college.“I chose to stay in Borger for several reasons,” she said. “First, all of my family lives here, second, it’s a great place to raise my children and establish roots, and third, Borger is a community with a lot of wonderful people. It is a community with the most caring and giving people I have ever met.”She has owned Simply Pampered since 2004 and recently joined forces with Dr. Jorge Sifuentes and Colleen Sifuentes to form Sifuentes Medical Spa. She is a licensed massage therapist, a licensed massage therapy instructor, a certified medical massage practicioner, an orthopedic massage therapist, and a continuing education provider for the State of Texas in the field of massage therapy.Callahan is currently the survivor chair on the Hutchinson County Relay For Life Committee and has also been team captain for the Healing Hands relay team for four years. She has formally served as a board member on the HC3 board, served two years as a board member of the Panhandle Association of Massage Professionals, and served as the president of the Borger Downtown Merchants Association for four years. She is a member of the Borger Chamber of Commerce and has been for seven years. In March of 2009, she was honored with Distinguished Citizen of the Year Award by the Elks Lodge for her continued service and leadership in the community. Since opening her business, Callahan has received several honors from the Cambridge Who’s Who, including Who’s Who Among Entrepreneurs, Who’s Who Among Executive and Professional Women In Business, and Who’s Who Among Massage Therapy Professionals. She has also been given the honor to be a guest speaker at the National Medical Massage Symposium this summer in Las Vegas, Nev.Callahan said her interest in politics and the role of government peaked at an early age. As a high school student, she attended the University of Texas, where she studied government, speech, and debate. During that time, she participated in a debate on the Senate floor on public education. It was an experience that has been a driving force behind her desire to be a councilwoman.She said there are three things that she feels qualify her for the office of City Council, Place One. The first and foremost reason is that she is passionate about Borger.“If you don’t have passion about your community, you can’t see the potential that it has to offer its citizens,” Callahan said.Secondly, she said she is hard-working and willing to go above and beyond what is required to get the job done. “My grandma always taught me that being average was okay, but being the best at what you do is unforgettable,” she said.Third, she feels that she has a genuine connection to the people of Borger. Due to her involvement with various civic, non-profit, and business organizations, she is networked with a wide range of people and has a greater understanding of people in the community.“It is very important to be able to relate to the citizens in Borger so that you can see what needs to be done to make our community better for everyone,” Callahan said.Besides being passionate, hardworking, and having that personal connection with the community, she said she is dedicated to seeing that Borger blossoms into the fruitful and economically prosperous community that she believes it can be.If elected, Callahan said she can bring a new perspective, fresh ideas, and a young energy to Borger City Council, Place One.“My perspective is unique because I am a woman, a mother, and I am still considered a young adult,” she said. “There has not been a woman on city council in a very long time.”As a mother, she said she is aware of what issues face the youth, teenagers, and young families in the Borger community. As a young adult, she said she is part of a generation that is not only raising children, but also taking care of parents and even grandparents in some cases. “Because of these things, I am able to see the needs of our citizens of all ages and I have a greater understanding of what families in our community are faced with,” Callahan said. “New ideas bring new opportunities to our community. If we become complacent, and don’t look at different ideas, and we are not willing to try new approaches to old situations, then as a community we become stagnant and lack growth.”She said she feels because she is younger, she can bring a new energy to the council that can help to revitalize the way the Borger community looks at its local government. She said she feels this energy could be a key factor in creating a new beginning that brings a new direction for a new Borger.“A new Borger starts with new leaders, leaders who will listen to those they govern, leaders that will comply with state and local regulations, and leaders that are willing to step out of their comfort zone and step up to the plate to capitalize on opportunities that ensure unremitting development not only in the commercial and small business sectors, but within our city departments and community service areas,” Callahan said.She said it takes all of us, citizens, council members, community workers, business owners, corporations, and the youth to come together and work together to collaborate on new ideas that will instill new vision for a new Borger.“I for one am willing to step up to the plate and take on the challenges that our city faces,” Callahan said.Early voting for the Borger City Council election will take place from Monday, April 30-Friday, May 4 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. and May 7-8 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at City Hall in Borger. The general election is set for May 12.