The burning question: Who will be president?

(Editor’s Note: This story contains the opinions of BNH readers and staff. It does not reflect the opinion of the BNH as a whole.)Today is Election Day, and Borger News-Herald readers have differing opinions regarding who will emerge the victor in the U.S. presidential race.Faleshia Sutherland said she believes Governor Mitt Romney will win, because she says Obamacare is killing families. Krystal Hope said she believes President Barack Obama will get a second term, but didn’t elaborate.Joe Kelly said he believes the numbers don’t tell the whole story.“If the misery numbers are taken into consideration, we are not better than four years ago,” he said. “Just because we see the unemployment rate go down doesn’t take away from the fact that most people just aren’t looking. Jobs are available but they are not paying enough to make ends meet.”He said he thinks Romney will because he champions small business, plans to level off taxes, plans to put a budget in place, and will have a vice-president in Paul Ryan that gets the numbers.“Sounds like a plan,” Kelly said.Anita Fortuna said she believes, or at least hopes that President Obama will win reelection.“While there are many opposing views, especially in the Panhandle of Texas, and I respect these views, I believe many people are quite quick to judge without taking in the full picture about Obama,” she said. “When Obama took office he inherited a huge debt, two wars and countless other problems.”She said her family moved away from Detroit, Mich., because of the financial problems the state was facing, saying people were out of jobs and fighting for employment at places like Subway.“Obama has fought to address the problems Detroit was struggling with, rather than ‘bankrupt’ the entire state and leave countless families desolate,” Fortuna said. “In addition, he has ended two wars, brought down Osama, and fought to improve many other ongoing issues that he did not cause, but is working so hard to ‘fix’.”She said one of the main problems he has run into as president is when he proposes a solution, he struggles to have it approved. “In addition to that, we must realize the massive problems that the debt has caused,” she said. “This is not something that people living from ‘paycheck to paycheck’ can resolve...meaning, it isn’t as simple as ‘stop paying for this, do not offer support to people needing assistance (such as FEMA, etc.) but it is an ongoing process that presidents far after Obama and/or Romney are going to have to continue repairing.”Fortuna said there is no such thing as a quick fix and anyone that claims that they can step in and run America like a “successful business” is lying.“When you think about a ‘successful’ business, consider what these business do during hard times...they ‘trim the fat’ and have major layoffs. When this happens, who has to foot the bill? The government does,” she said. “The government then supplies the families with the means for provisions in their it medical, food, or housing.”She said if these problems were removed, it would cause more problems than the country is currently facing. She said Obama has trimmed down financial aid now to the point that if you do not finish your set degree plan in the required amount of time, you simply do not get financial aid any longer.“Romney wants to cut it out...I believe in designing a system that offers people the opportunity to succeed, not a system designed to fail,” Fortuna said.Ronnie Arrington said she voted for the platform that promotes Biblical values for families. “It’s not about one man vs. another, it’s about having morals and values that align with God’s Word,” she said. “Under the current leadership our rights as parents will be stripped away, our right to choose health care has been taken away, and the right for life of innocent children is being stripped away.”Dustin Howard said he thinks President Obama will win, but he consequently doesn’t care either way.“Term limits in the Senate are responsible for the lack of this country keeping up with its citizens’ ideals,” he said. “Laws reflect a society’s morals/ethics ideally. That is certainly not the case when a person can be lobbied by big money and have substantial income and stability with no terms limit. Over 90 percent of congressmen’s previous professions were law/business.”He said such people come from schools of though that teach arguments for arguments’ sake, not ethics or progress.“Where are the scientists represented in the science committees? How about teachers or single moms?” Howard said. “Unless we are at war, the president is a figure head and if you followed the debate you should notice that both candidates will simply say whatever they think will get them elected. A two-party system is no party. It’s a facade.”Mandy Cook said she feels very strongly about her core values and Biblical values.“I am pro-life and want someone in office that feels the same,” she said. “I love our troops. My brother has been in the military since high school graduation. He is now almost 40. That is a lot of dedication to one’s country.”She said she would love to see Romney in office but also has some reservations with him. However, she said she will pray for whoever is elected.BNH staff members have also weighed in on who will win this year’s election. Publisher Debra Wells was very clear about her thoughts concerning the election.“Sure, I can tell you who I believe will win the election – Mitt Romney, hands down,” she said. “It’ll be a landslide.”Managing Editor Michelle Berry said from watching the election coverage, it makes it easy to think it’s going to be a neck-and-neck election. However, she said she is cautiously optimistic that Romney will emerge victorious in tonight’s election.Reporter Tara Hopkins said she honestly doesn’t think it matters who will win.“The reason I say that is because America is too far in debt that it will take more than four years to get us out of it,” she said. “Sure Obama ended a war and got the credit for Osama bin Laden’s capture (which he shouldn’t, because it’s our troops out there who get credit in my eyes) and some people feel he deserves another chance.”However, she said on the other hand, Romney is new and is promising Americans a better and more improved America with him in office.“With that said, I strongly believe Romney and Obama’s election will come very close, but it will be Romney who will this round,” she said. “But if Obama does win, it’s not going to be the end of the world.”Sports editor Mikala Reiswig said there will never be a perfect candidate, but President Obama has had his chance to provide “hope and change” and he failed.“We need a new and fresh perspective in the White House,” she said.