Bulldogs routed by Mustangs

The Borger Bulldogs made the long trip down to Midland to take on the defending TAPPS state champs, Midland Christian Mustangs on their home turf. The Bulldogs are 0-2 on the year while the Mustangs are 1-1 starting the contest. These teams have never met before.In the pregame interview, Coach James Day said, “Our game plan is to blitz, have 4 on the line, and get some pressure on the quarterback to shut down their passing game.” Day also had great things to say about his offensive line, saying, “They make the team go. I can't say enough positive things about them. They lead this team.” The Bulldogs also welcome running back Butler to the team.Borger receives at the Bulldog 39 to start the game. On the first play, Rendon fakes and takes off to the Midland 36 for a 25 yard gain. After a delay of game penalty and a Rendon incompletion to Hearon, Freeman takes off for a 5 yard rush. On 3rd and 10, Rendon passes to Henry for a 7 yard gain, but the Bulldogs would turnover on downs. After the punt, Midland takes over on their own 33. The defense holds, with McKee having great coverage down the field, and Midland is forced to punt. Borger starts on their own 36, but on first down, Rendon is sacked for a loss of 6 yards. Freeman would have another 5 yard rush, but on 3rd and 10, Rendon's pass is incomplete and Borger is forced to punt.Midland receives the ball and starts on their own 43. Fernandez comes up with the tackle after a 20 yard gain on wildcat play for the Mustangs. The Mustangs would advance the ball 15 more yards before a tackle by Gowdy causes them to rush for no gain. Midland would march the ball into the end zone for the first score of the game on a 14 yard rush, and the two point conversion is good. Mustangs lead 8-0 with 5:04 left in the 1st quarter.Salinas receives the ball for the Bulldogs and they start on their own 26. After 3 yd rushes from Freeman, Gowdy, and Freeman again, the Bulldogs go three and out and are forced to punt. Newcomb would punt the ball away for 45 yards. Midland would start their drive on their own 25. The Mustangs strike quick and complete a 58 yard pass to get them inside the Bulldog 10, with Henry saving the touchdown. Midland would score on the next play, however, and the score was 15-0 with the 1st quarter winding down.Borger would start their drive on the Midland 26 after Henry has a 46 yard kick-off return. On 1st and 10, Rendon passes to Hearon for a 24 yard gain, and it is 1st and goal from the 2 yard line. After Rendon hands off to Freeman on the next play, he fumbles the ball and the Mustangs recover and return it to their own 16. Martinez would have the stop for the Bulldogs on 1st down, and Brooks would have a tackle for a 3 yard loss to end the 1st quarter.On 3rd and 9, the Mustangs connect for a 22 yard gain, and Henry would have the tackle after another 12 yard gain. McKee, Henry, Lacey, and Gowdy would all have tackles for the Bulldogs on this series, but Midland strikes again after a 9 play drive. The score is now 22-0 with 8:29 left in the 2nd.Borger receives on the Midland 17 yard line, looking for their first points of the game. Rendon is sacked, Butler has a short run, and Hunter an 11 yard reception, but the Dogs couldn't find 1st down. They have a shallow punt, and Midland takes over on the Bulldog 38.Pass interference is called on Borger, and it takes the ball to the 24. Gowdy and Brooks combine for a tackle and a one yard loss, but Midland find the end zone again after 3 plays. Midland would go up 28-0 with 4:56 left in the half. Borger takes over on their own 20. Butler, Rendon, and Hearon combine for 12 yards rushing and a first down. After Butler gains another 4 yards, Rendon is sacked twice in a row for a total of 19 yards lost. Newcomb would punt it away for 46 yards.Midland would begin their next drive on their own 15. McKee almost intercepts on first down, but the Mustangs just couldn't be stopped. On the next play, Midland completes a pass for 85 yards and the touchdown after Henry had a chance to intercept. The extra point is good, and Midland adds to their lead, 35-0 with :31 left in the half. Borger receives, but can't get on the board before time runs out in the half.Midland receives to kick off the second half. Salinas makes the stop after a 26 yard gain, and Henry, Brooks, and Gowdy combine for another tackle. Midland is stopped on the 1 yard line by McKee, but end up taking it into the end zone for a quick score. Mustangs are up 41-0 with 9:29 left in the 3rd. Borger starts on own 31, still looking to get on the board. After short rushes from Rendon and Butler, Rendon completes a 16 yard pass to Henry for a Bulldog 1st down. Butler would rush for 13 and yards respectively, and Gowdy would add a 15 yard rush to march the Bulldogs deep into Midland territory. Butler would run for another 17 before Rendon scores from 1 yard out behind his massive offensive line. The two point conversion is no good, and the Dogs put 6 on the board with 6:11 left in the 3rd.Now is when things get interesting. Midland would bobble the incoming kick off reception, and Lacey recovers it for the Dogs on the Midland 23. Butler runs for a 2 yard loss, and on the next play, Rendon is hit hard. Hunter would come in for Rendon. On 4th and 12, Hunter completes a pass to Lacey who takes it down to the 1 yd line. On 1st and goal, Hunter punches it in behind blocks from McKinney and Fernandez. The extra point is no good, and the score is 41-12 with 4:02 left in the 3rd. After the kickoff, Midland starts over on their own 31 after a Suttle/Fernandez tackle. On 1st and 10, Salinas causes a fumble and Gowdy comes up with it. The Bulldogs take over on the 37, looking to capitalize on the Mustang turnovers. Rendon is back in for the Bulldogs and throws incomplete. Butler would rush for 22 yards to the Mustang 15. Rendon would call on Butler again, and he would run it for 15 yards for the Bulldog touchdown. The extra point is good, and after 3 plays, the Bulldogs are down 41-19 with 2:57 left in the 3rd.Although the Bulldogs clearly had momentum, Midland scored on 2 plays after they receive on a 64 yard pass. Midland now leads 48-19 with the 3rd quarter winding down.Borger starts on their own 45. Rendon completes it to Guinn for 23 yards for a first down. On the very next play, Rendon's pass intended for Myers is intercepted, and Midland takes over on their own 20. Jeter has a sack for a three yard loss to end the quarter. The 4th quarter begins with a 16 yard pass completion, a 12 yard rush, and a roughing the passer penalty on Borger. Gowdy, Martinez, Mesnick combine for a tackle on first down, and Suttle would tackle the Mustang runningback for no gain. Midland would march it down to the 2 yard line and score again with 7:58 left in the 4th.Borger starts on their own 30, hoping to put more points on the board. Rendon connects with Hunter for a 17 yard gain. On 1st and 10, Butler rushes for 3 and then for 4 yards on 2nd down. On 3rd and 11, the Bulldogs fumble the ball and the Mustangs recover on the Bulldog 46. Jeter has another monster sack for a 4 yard loss, but the Mustangs would then have a 31 yard gain on 2nd and 13. McKee saves the touchdown. The Bulldog defense holds, and they get the ball back on downs.Borger starts on their own 9 with time running out. Butler would rush for 16 yards on the first two plays of the series. Lacey would add 12 yards and Gowdy 3 before time expires.FINAL: 55-19 Midland Borger TotalsTeam Rushing: 154Team Passing: 124Total: 278Ind. Rushing: Butler, 19/115 1 TD, Lacey 1/12, Freeman 5/10Ind. Passing: Guinn 1/23, Hunter 1/24, Henry 2/23, Lacey 1/24 1st downs: 21Turnovers: 3Penalties: 9/79Passing: Rendon 7/16, 100 yds, Int, 1 TD; Hunter 1/2, 25 yds, 1 TD