Bulldogs come up short in loss to 4A Randall

The Bulldogs (0-4) traveled down the road to Canyon hoping to spoil the 4A Randall Raider's (4-0) homecoming Friday night at Kimbrough Stadium. The Dogs would struggle early in the game, but settled down and came up with some great plays. Although they had some bright moments, they came up on the short side in the contest, 49-6. The first quarter started off badly for the Bulldogs. After receiving the ball, Jared Salinas takes it to the Bulldog 24. On the first snap, the Dogs are called for a false start penalty and backed up to the 19. Jacob Rendon is sacked on the very next play, and he is injured. Rendon goes out and does not return for the rest of the game. Colton Hunter comes in to take over the quarterback position. Freeman has a nice run for a 7 yard gain on 2nd and 17. The Dogs would fumble on 3rd down and lose a yard. The Lane Newcomb punt is blocked by Randall, and the Raiders run it in for an early score. They are up 7-0 with 10:15 left in the first.Borger receives, and Salinas returns it again to the Bulldog 24. On first down, Dontrae Butler rushes for no gain, and the Dogs receive another penalty. On 2nd and 15, Hunter's pass to Chance Lacy is intercepted and ran back 30 yards for another Raider touchdown. It is now 14-0 Randall with 9:16 left in the first.Borger receives, hoping to shake off the costly errors during the last two possessions. Salinas returns it to the 20, and Kendrick Freeman goes to work. He rushes for 25 yards and a Bulldog first down. After four more yards from Freeman and four more from Christian Fernandez, the Dogs are past midfield. Although Butler picks up 10 more yards, the Dogs can't find first down and are forced to punt. This punt was a beauty. Newcomb's kick buried Randall on their own 4 yard line. Zac Suttle had a great stop at the nine yard line, and Austin Henry made another great stop to cost the Raiders two yards. Cody Jensen and Aaron McKee force Randall out of bounds, but not before they get the first down. Jonathan Jeter has a great tackle to force a 3rd and 2, but Randall would take it 61 yards on the next play for a touchdown. They are now up 21-0 with :08 left in the first.The second quarter begins with Borger on their own 15. The snap is fumbled, but Hunter falls on it. Hunter rushes for two, and Freeman for six, but the Dogs can't find their rhythm and have to punt it away again. Randall starts off on their own 35. Cody Jensen has great coverage down the field to force an incomplete on 1st down. He then has a nice open-field tackle, and then Jamon Hearon almost interecepts to make it 4th and 5 for the Raiders. Suttle provides the pressure on the quarterback and Aaron McKee covers the receiver, and the Dogs take over on downs on their own 30.Freeman and Fernandez combine for 13 yards and a Bulldog first down. Butler runs for another three yards before Hunter's pass down the field is intercepted. Randall starts on their own 24 and then quickly rushes out to the 42. Sean Easley has a nice tackle for the Dogs, and the Raiders gain no yardage. Randall knows how to score quick though, and they run for a 47 yard touchdown with 4:07 left in the first half up 28-0.Borger receives, and Salinas has a nice 21 yard return. Fernandez is stuffed on 1st down for a loss of three, and is shaken up on the play. Freeman rushes forward for eight tough yards on 2nd and 13. On 3rd and 5, the Dogs fumble the ball and Randall falls on it on the 5 yard line. They run it in on the next play for a touchdown, capitalizing on the Dogs' mistakes. The score is now 35-0 with 2:34 left in the half.Borger gets the ball back, hoping to put some points on the board before the half ends. Zac Guinn takes over at the quarterback position, and Hunter is now a receiver. The Dogs would be penalized for a false start, and Guinn would gain no yardage on a keeper. Guinn throws to Hunter on 3rd and 13 for a six yard gain, but Borger could not do anything else. Newcomb punts it away and the half ends.The Bulldogs had as many turnovers as first downs in the first half with 3 a piece. They came up with only 77 total yards, only 6 of them coming off a pass. Freeman led the half with 8 carries for 51 yards.Alexis Aguilar kicks off to start the second half. Randall fumbles the return and Lacy falls on it for the Bulldogs on the Randall 25 yard line, and it looks like the Bulldogs have a great chance to get on the scoreboard. Freeman rushes for a yard, but the false start penalty on 2nd down moved the ball back to the 29 and a 2nd and 14. Guinn's pass to Lacy is incomplete, and Freeman picks up only five yards on 3rd and 4th downs. The Dogs turn the ball over on downs, and the Raiders take over on their own 24. Easley and Zac Mesneak both have great stops for no gains. Henry saves a touchdown, and the ball is on the Borger 45. Easley has a monster sack that costs the Raiders ten yards. Henry has another stop and McKee covers down field, and the Bulldog defense holds. Borger takes over on their own 17 yard line still looking for a score. Guinn pushes ahead for a yard, Butler for five, and Freeman for two. A Randall penalty makes it 1st and 10 on the Bulldog 42. The Dogs then have another penalty, and no gains on rushes from Freeman and Butler. Guinn is sacked, and the 4th down punt is a disaster, as Newcomb ends up passing to Lacy for a loss of 16 yards. Lacy is shaken up on the play, but walks off the field.Randall is now at the Bulldog 15. Easley makes a great stop at the 7 yard line, but the Raiders score on the next play. Randall is up 42-0 with four ticks left in the third. You would think the quarter could end without anymore drama, but Salinas fumbles the kick-off return and Randall falls on it at the Borger 25 to end the third.Jeter has a great tackle on 1st down, but Randall gets it to the 13 on the next play. After another Bulldog penalty, the ball is now on the 3. Salinas makes a great play to save the touchdown. Randall rushes it in from the 5, and they are up 49-0 with 9:28 left in the contest.Borger recieves and Henry takes it to the Bulldog 33. Butler goes to work for the Dogs again, rushing for 23 yards on 4 plays and getting the dogs to midfield. Gowdy moves the ball forward three more yards, and Freeman fights for four. Facing 3rd and 13 on the Raider 44, Guinn tosses it to Salinas who makes a nice move and breaks free for a 44 yard Bulldog touchdown! The extra point is no good, but the Bulldogs come up with a nice score. Randall is up 49-6 with 3:57 left in the game.Randall has a nice return. Easley, Creed Brooks, Suttle, and Salinas all make defensive contributions on Randall's last drive of the game. They kneel it out, and your final is 49-6 at Kimbrough Stadium.The Dogs finished with 128 yards rushing and 50 yards passing for a total of 178 yards on the night. They had four costly turnovers, but only one in the second half. Freeman finished with 14 carries and 62 yards while Butler added 33 yards on 10 carries. Salinas had one catch for 44 yards and the Bulldogs' only score of the game. Guinn was 2/3 for 50 yards and a passing touchdown. The defense stepped up in the second half, only allowing Randall to score twice.Your Borger Bulldogs will be at home on October 5th at 7:30 to take on the Palo Duro Dons. Come out and support these guys who play so hard every week!