Bulldogs are playoff bound!

All Borger needed was a win to get in. They played their way into the playoffs by beating River Road (0-4) in the final district contest of the year on Friday night. Perryton held on to beat Dalhart by two, so that means Borger (2-2) earned the third playoff spot, their win over Pampa being huge. The Bulldogs scored 14 points in the final quarter to put the Wildcats away 24-3 and earn their right to move on to the next round.River Road receives to start play. Suttle, Gowdy, Henry, and Mesneak go to work on defense holding the Wildcats to 9 total yards on the opening drive. Borger receives on their own 48, but the ball is moved back to the 28 on an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty is called on Borger. Guinn completes his first pass of the night to Henry for 12 yards and a quick first down. Freeman picks up the next first with two 5 yard runs, and Butler adds a couple to that. Guinn breaks free on a keeper for 15 yards to the River Road 32 yard line. Butler then goes to work having runs of 7, 2, and 18 to get it to the 5 yard line and a first and goal. There is no gain on first down, but Freeman pushes it in from 5 yards out for a Bulldog touchdown on the next play. The Aguilar kick is good, and Borger leads 7-0 with 4:26 left in the first.Borger kicks off to River Road, who fumbles on the return. Borger recovers it on the Wildcat 25, looking for another quick score. Freeman is stuffed for a loss, but then picks up 5 on 2nd down. Guinn completes to Henry for 6, and Gowdy fights for two yards to the River Road 13. McKee and Guinn are stopped for no gain, and Aguilar comes out to kick the fieldgoal. It is good, and Borger adds three to the board on the Wildcat turnover. It is 10-0 Borger with 29.6 seconds left in the first quarter.River Road receives to start the second quarter. River Road has a big gain to the Borger 31, but Salinas has the touchdown saving tackle. Lacy, Brooks, and Gowdy are all in on the next stop, but the Wildcats get it to the 21. Jeter and Henry have another stop, and McKee covers on the pass to the endzone that falls incomplete. River Road is forced to kick a fieldgoal, and it is good. It is 10-3 Borger with 10:50 left in the half. The fieldgoal would be River Road's only score.The Bulldogs get the ball back, and Salinas has a very nice return to the Borger 42 where they set up shop. Butler immediately gets it past midfield gaining 13 yards, dodging many Wildcat tacklers. Freeman has a short gain and a pass from Guinn to Hunter falls incomplete to bring up 3rd down. On 3rd and 8, Guinn's pass to Henry is complete for the first down on the River Road 35. Butler has gains of 12, 5, and 6 to earn another first down for Borger. Guinn looks for Martinez in the endzone, but it falls incomplete. Guinn rushes ahead for 5, but the Bulldogs can't convert on 4th and 4 from the 7 yard line. River Road takes over on downs.Salinas covers on the incomplete pass thrown by the Wildcats, and Mesneak drops River Road for a three yard loss on 2nd down. The Bulldogs force a 3 and out, and get the ball back with five minutes remaining in the half.Borger receives it on their own 47, but Freeman can't break free. He is dropped for a loss, hit hard, and fumbles on 2nd down and River Road recovers. He is shaken up on the play, but would return to the game.The Wildcats take over on the Borger 43. Brooks, Mesneak, and Easley are in on the tackle to drop River Road for a two yard loss. Suttle tips the pass on 2nd down, and an incomplete is thrown on 3rd an long. River Road punts it from midfield to the Borger 1 yard line.The Bulldogs have 99 yards to work with, pinned at their own 1. Guinn keeps it and pushes it out to the 10 yard line for some breathing room. Butler finds the holes behind his blockers and breaks free for 22 yards. McKee picks up 6 and 4 for the next Bulldog first down. The Bulldogs get it out close to midfield, but are forced to punt. Newcomb comes out for the first Bulldog punt of the game, and the ball lands at the River Road 25. This bring up halftime, the score still at 10-3.The Bulldogs had 163 yards in the first half, 137 on the ground. Butler had 88 yards to lead all rushers, Guinn was 3/6 with 26 yards passing and 29 yards rushing, and Henry had all of the passing yards with 3 catches for 26 yards. Freeman had the only touchdown of the half, but was held to 20 yards.Borger receives to start the second half, and Henry brings it out to the 40. Guinn rushes for two consecutive 8 yard gains and gets it past midfield. Butler picks up 4, but is stopped on the next two plays forcing a Newcomb punt, which is a beauty. It goes out of bounds on the 4, where River Road takes over.Brooks, Easley, and Salinas all make great stops on defense, but a personal foul penalty on Borger moves the ball out to the 24 for the Wildcats. Brooks and Jeter are in on the next tackle that is a three yard loss. Pressure on the quarterback forces an incomplete, and River Road is forced to punt again.Borger starts their drive on their 37. A bad snap to Guinn causes a loss of 6 for the Dogs. Guinn completes to Henry for short yardage, and then he rushes for 8 yards even after the snap was bobbled. They are shy of the first down, so Newcomb comes out to punt again, this time getting it to the 30.River Road starts on the 30. Galloway makes the stop on 1st down, and McKee on 2nd down, but River Road earns a first down. On first and 10 from the Wildcat 41, Salinas reads the pass and intercepts it on the Borger 41.Borger goes 3 and out again after a Guinn pass to Marrs is incomplete on 3rd down. Newcomb punts it away to the River Road 43.Again, River Road takes over, and again they will go 3 and out. McKee covers on 1st down, Gowdy leads a host of Dogs on a tackle for a 3 yard loss, and Salinas covers on another incomplete pass. The Wildcats punt it to the 33.Butler fights ahead for 7 yards to the the 3rd quarter. Butler has two more nice gains of 7 and 8 yards before Freeman breaks loose for 18 yards to the River Road 42. Butler then makes a nice move (or three) on a 20 yard gain to the 22. Freeman and Butler get the Dogs to the 10 to make it first and goal. Guinn is tripped up for a loss, Butler has a short gain, and a Borger penalty backs them up to the 18. On 3rd and goal from the 18, Guinn keeps it himself and dodges many defenders with key blocks from McKinney and Orona to score the touchdown. Aguilar's kick is true, and Borger takes a 17-3 lead with 7:07 left in the game.Suttle makes a great tackle on the River Road return man on the 22. Suttle, Lacy, and Henry make sure that the Wildcats don't pick up the first down. On 4th and 6, River Road fakes the punt and picks up the first. Weber covers downfield for Borger to force an incomplete. Henry and Suttle make more great plays, and Gowdy has a monster of a tackle that drops the Wildcats back 5 yards on 4th and 5. Borger takes over on the 34, and only needs one play to find the endzone. Butler takes the handoff and spins, jukes, and sprints through the middle for a 34 yard score. He makes it look easy, folks. The Aguilar kick makes it 24-3 Borger with 4:46 remaining.Borger almost recovers the ball on the kickoff after a Wildcat player touched it. River Road falls on it on their own 8 yard line. Gowdy, Brooks, and Jeter lead a host of Dogs to drop River Road for a 3 yard loss. Gowdy, Suttle, and Brooks make great plays before Jeter drops the Wildcats for a 5 yard loss on 4th down.Borger takes over with 2:24 left. Freeman has a nice run brought back by a penalty, but picks up runs of 8 and 3. Butler has a tough run, brought back again by a Borger penalty. On 3rd and forever, time runs out, and the Bulldogs win this one easily, 24-3 being the final.The Dogs finish with 321 yards on the ground and 30 yards through the air for a total of 351. Guinn was 4/8 with 30 yards passing. He also had 11 rushes for 68 yards and a touchdown. Freeman finished with 16 carries for 64 yards and a touchdown, surpassing the 1,000 yard mark on the season. Butler had another outstanding game racking up 174 yards on 23 carries with a touchdown. He finishes with 991 yards on the year, and didn't even play in the first two games of the year. The Dogs racked up 21 first downs, compared to River Road's 7. The Bulldog defense was fierce, holding River Road to 99 total yards in the contest. Borger finishes 2-2 in district and will move on to the playoffs next week. Stay tuned to the BNH for playoff information, as it was not available at press time.