BREAKING NEWS: Officer and Suspect down as police confront Garza

Borger News-Herald can confirm that the scene of the shooting was on Arroyo Verde, just outside the City of Fritch.
Tom Hinde

4:30 Local law enforcement concluded their scheduled 4:00 p.m. press conference at the Borger Police Department. As the press conference ended, officers took Sheriff Coker and Captain Brandon Strope of the Borger Police Department aside to report a possible sighting of Christopher Garza.

4:30 A suspect was reportedly sighted near the city of Fritch

4:45 Suspect was confirmed to be armed.

4:45: Officer down. Suspect also reportedly down.

4:48 Suspect confirmed down and secure

4:48 Area clear for emergency vehicles

4:50 Life star inbound

5:07 Helicopter on the ground

6:00 Borger News-Herald can confirm that Christopher Garza, wanted for assault on a public servant, has been shot and killed. Sources indicate that the unnamed officer who was injured is not in life threatening condition.

6:31 Unconfirmed reports from witnesses indicate Garza had attempted to solicit transportation in Arroyo Verde. The Borger News-Herald is following up with a witness who claims Garza approached her home and spoke with her before she called the police. Developing.