Borger Police Report

Borger Police ReportMay 31st, 2012500 block of N. Florida-Investigation700 block of Missouri-Disorderly Conduct1200 block of Fairlanes-Alarm700 block of Missouir-Disorderly Conduct1300 block of Hazlewood-Alarm100 block of E. Carolina-Open Door/Window1000 block of Thrams-Warrant Service300 block of Weatherly-Suspicious Activity1300 block of W. 3rd-Recovered PropertyYows and Burch-Abandoned Vehicle1200 block of Cedar-Reckless Driv-Traffic9th and Main-Warrant Service200 block of Willow Creek-Harassment400 block of Jackson-Prowler200 block of Elise-Suspicious Vehicle500 block of Missouri-Suspicious ActivityHedgecoke and Deahl-Field Interview200 block of Sarasota-Fireworks ComplaintHuber Park-Motorist Assist600 block of N. Harvey-narcotics violation1200 block of Bulldog Blvd-Suspicious Vehicle700 block of S. McGee-Disorderly ConductStevenson and Sterling-Field Interview6th and Alabama-Field InterviewSmith and Davenport-Suspicious Activity2nd and McGee-Open Door/WindowArrest made:Stacy McMahan Brewster, 41, Warrant