Borger PD launches tip411 program

The Borger Police Department adds new dimension to Eyes and Ears on the street to help create a safer community.The Borger Police Department is launching tip411, an internet based tool that enables the public to text message an anonymous tip to Police, and enables the Police respond back creating a two way anonymous “chat”.Reserved exclusively for Public Safety purposes and powered by CitizenObserver, a St. Paul MN company, tip411 puts a powerful new Crime Fighting tool into the hands of our community for all ages and demographics.“We’re proud to be part of a National Program that benefits over 1000 communities around the country.”“This new capability will help our citizens play an active role in keeping neighborhoods safer, as well as engage a younger demographic in the process, and it will save our agency time and resources. “Anyone with a cell phone can now send an anonymous tip to the Borger Police Department simply by texting the word borger and the tip information to 847411.As well as texting in a tip, Anonymous web tips will soon be able to be submitted right from the City of Borger Police Departments website at Anonymous tips will soon be able to be submitted utilizing a link on the Borger Police Department’s Facebook Page as well. Both of these features are still in the beginning phase; however the Borger Police Department will be working diligently to get these introduced as soon as possible.Another program that will be introduced in the near future is an “Alert App”. Once introduced this “Alert App” will allow citizens to register for a service to where the Borger Police Department will have the capability to send out Special Alerts to the public via the subscriber’s cell phone. These Special Alerts could range from various topics from Amber Alerts to any other Law Enforcement based information that citizens need to be aware of in a “real time” situation to where time delays will no longer become a factor.tip411 is 100% ANONYMOUS. CitizenObserver’s technology removes all identifying information before the Police Department see’s it, so there’s no way to identify the sender.This capability is a new paradigm for creating safer communities – especially in reaching out to a younger age demographic.“When someone feels afraid to come forward, or simply feels like they don’t want to get involved – this can be a great way to pass information on without fear of retribution.”Citizens need to be aware that this program DOES NOT take the place of calling 911 in the event of an Emergency. Citizens should ALWAYS call and utilize 911 in the event of an Emergency situation.