Borger PD investigating fraudulent money orders

The Borger Police Department is currently conducting an investigation regarding some fraudulent money orders. On Friday, May 18, at approximately 4 p.m., a detective sergeant with the BPD’s Criminal Investigations Division received reliable information in reference to the location of numerous fraudulent United States Postal Service money orders, according to Lt. Anthony Griffin of the BPD.The division had been investigating these suspected money orders due to several already being passed at a local federal credit union.After investigating the information further, Detective Sergeant Flatt of the Borger PD was given consent to search a U-Haul Moving Truck at 704-D Stephens Street.While searching the truck, Lt. Griffin said that Detective Sergeant Flatt discovered a bank bag containing hundreds of fraudulent U.S. Postal Service Money Orders. At this time 600 money orders were seized. Each money order was already pre-printed with an amount.“It was discovered that if each one of these money orders would have been cashed or deposited, the total amount would have been just over $600,000,” Lt. Griffin said.At this time, a male suspect has been questioned in reference to the incident and is cooperating with detectives in regards to the investigation. The suspect was incarcerated on unrelated charges. The investigation remains active and ongoing.