Borger PD continues crackdown on narcotics

The Borger Police Department is continuing its aggressive enforcement campaign pertaining to targeting illegal narcotics and other problem areas within the city.According to Lt. Anthony Griffin of the BPD, the latest efforts in this aggressive enforcement campaign, which is being conducted by the department’s criminal investigations division, has already resulted in the arrest of four local residents for possession of illegal narcotics.Those arrested so far as a result of this campaign are as follows:*Tabitha Renae Pendley, 30, of Borger was charged with possession of a controlled substance in a drug free zone (felony of the 3rd degree).*Noe Rangel Niavez, 44, of Borger; Brenda Castro Jimenez, 26, of Borger; and Monico Guevara, 60, of Borger, were all charged with possession of a controlled substance (state jail felonies).Lt. Griffin said the department pledges to continue its aggressive enforcement campaign against illegal narcotics and associated criminal activity. The BPD also welcomes any assistance from the citizens and the community in regards to this campaign.Anyone with any information in regards to illegal narcotics activity or any other criminal activity is asked and encouraged to contact the Borger Police Department at 806-273-0930 or the BPD’s Criminal Investigations Division at 806-273-0944, or the Hutchinson County Crime Stoppers at 806-274-6371.If contacting the Hutchinson County Crime Stoppers to leave a tip, any and all callers may remain anonymous. However, Crime Stoppers asks that anyone leaving a tip to please leave a good working contact number in the event that the tip proves to be reliable and relevant.This will allow a Crime Stoppers representative to contact the caller back in regards to any reward information that will be due to the caller for the tip in the event the tip proves reliable and relevant. Crime Stoppers rewards range from $50 to $1,000 for such tips.