Borger EMS puts new ambulance into service

Borger EMS has officially put a new ambulance in service.Mike Barter, director of the EMS, said the ambulance is a new 2012 Chevy diesel, and is manufactured by Wheelcoach, the largest ambulance manufacturer in the United States.He said the ambulance is replacing the old 2003 model with 183,000 miles on it. The new ambulance has LED lights, which are brighter and will have less stress on the motor.Barter also said the ambulance fits well in the EMS bay, and the EMS is regulated by what fits in the station. The ambulance is painted in a similar style to the others, but the front end is different.He said the way the ambulance is constructed, it will make for a much smoother ride for patients. The ambulance was received by the EMS on May 18 and put in service during EMS week, which was May 20-26.Barter said the other ambulances in the fleet are 2007 models, and the department has been looking for a new one since that time. The goal of the EMS is to try and replace the older ambulances every three to five years, and to get this going in a steady cycle.The EMS is now working the new ambulance into the rotation, and it drives and rides smoother for all who use it. It has a dual axel that helps make the ride smoother, plus a new motor that is quieter.He said the Hutchinson County Hospital District has worked hard to keep equipment updated, and the funds to pay for this new ambulance came out of this year’s budget from the capital fund, which is used to take care of updates and new equipment.Barter said he feels this new ambulance will be of great benefit to those in the Hutchinson County community.“The new ambulance is going to make a difference to a lot of folks,” he said.