Borger EDC approves loans to local business projects

On Thursday afternoon, the Borger Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors approved to provide loans to Brandvik Pipe and Equipment and Global Frontline Solutions to be used for expansion projects.The Borger EDC board approved providing Brandvik with a 36 month no interest loan for $217,000 a which the company will use to purchase an electromagnetic inspection (EMI) system from New Tech Systems out of Midland and a commitment to add six additional jobs over the next three years.Mike Brandvik, owner of Brandvik Pipe and Equipment came before the EDC Board sharing his company’s plan to provide EMI inspections on most sizes of oilfield tubulars.Brandvik told the EDC board since starting his company 13 years ago, he has been able to grow to an operation which currently employees 10 people. The company serves as a full service facility with pipe rental, pipe cleaning and testing on site for oil fields in the Texas Panhandle and throughout Texas and Oklahoma. Brandvik told the EDC board about 75% of his business comes from outside Hutchinson County.Currently Brandvik is able to do hydro testing on tubulars at a rate of around 180-200 pipes a day. However, the EMI system will allow the company to test around 500 tubulars a day from its Borger facility.Brandvik told the EDC board that due to the deeper wells in Oklahoma and the Permian Basin area, his customers in those areas need to have their tubulars go through the tougher test the EMI system will provide compared to hydro testing.Once the company is able to purchase the EMI system, Brandvik said the company should be able to hire three additional employees over the next six months to operate and run pipe through the system and projects the company needs to add additional employees as the workload increases.The Borger EDC also approved providing Global Frontline Solutions (GFS) with a 36 month no interest loan for $278,000 that will be used to purchase equipment and develop infrastructure as the company prepares to expand its services which is projected to produce 15 new jobs.Over the past three years, GFS has offered a full line of comprehensive services related to land and fire management. The company plans to continue to offer its services in Land/Fuels Management, Wildfire Protection Planning, Wildfire Training, and Fire Trucks/Crews. However, GFS is looking to enhance the services it can provide in areas including in disaster or petroleum spill response by providing labor, semi-skilled workers, skilled workers, safety techs, and specialists handling hazardous materials in order to meet those needs. Over the past year GFS has helped out in cleaning up oil spills in Montana and Louisiana, which has allowed the company to develop relationships with companies such as ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, Cytex, and Clean Harbors. Through those contacts, GFS believes the company will have several doors continue to open for it to provide its services nationally and eventually globally.The loan provided by the EDC will allow GFS to hire a core group of 15 skilled employees who will be trained to lead various teams when called out for various jobs. The loan will also allow the company to purchase various equipment including vehicles and rent or purchase office space in Borger. In order to help provide proper training for its employees and assists other workers in the industrial field, GFS is looking to team up with Frank Phillips College in order to meet the educational needs of the company and potentially to develop training courses that could be eventually taught by GFS employees.