Borger City Council honors DeWeese, swears in new member

The Borger City Council took time to honor a longtime City of Borger employee and city council member and swear in a new member at its regular meeting on Tuesday afternoon.Leon DeWeese was honored for his longtime service to the City of Borger. He came to work for the city at the age of 16 in 1959. He worked in several capacities for the city, including as a lifeguard, health inspector, Director of Municipal Services, Director of Parks and Recreation, and Municipal Court Judge. He retired from the City of Borger in August of 2003.“With his 44 years of service with the city, plus six years of service on the council, he has given over 50 years of his life to the City of Borger, and I think that’s to be commended,” Mayor Jeff Brain said.Mayor Brain presented DeWeese with a certificate of appreciation for his years of city service.Following DeWeese’s recognition, Brandy Callahan was sworn in as the newest member of the Borger City Council. Callahan was elected to the council on Saturday in the city’s regular general election, winning over challenger Willy Adams by a total of 241 votes to Adams’ 195 votes.After Callahan was sworn in, the council elected the Mayor and Mayor Pro-Tem for 2012-13. Jeff Brain was elected to serve another year in the role of Mayor, and Robert Vinyard was elected to serve as Mayor Pro-Tem for the upcoming year.In other business, the council approved the first reading of an ordinance amending the city’s zoning laws, directing changes to the zoning of various lots, and updating the zoning district map.On March 26 of this year, the Planning and Zoning Commission recommended zoning changes be approved to three different properties, and the Borger City Council held public hearings on the changes at its first regular May meeting.After the hearings were concluded, the council voted to approve the following zoning changes:a) Lots 17-27, Block 5, Original Townsite (900-920 N. Main St.) from Retail (R) to Commercial (C)b) Lots 9-10, Block 19, Original Townsite (315 Coble) from General Residence (GR) to Retail (R)c)Lots 4-6, Block 66, Isom Addition (1111 Roosevelt) from General Residence (GR) to Neighborhood Service (NS).