Borger citizens asked to practice water conservation

Due to recent conditions and circumstances, the City of Borger is encouraging citizens to practice conservation when it comes to their water usage.Eddie Edwards, Borger City Manager, said that water is a finite resource that requires careful management, and the era of plentiful and inexpensive water is coming to an end.“Since the beginning of June, the Borger Municipal Water System has experienced an average increase in consumption of approximately 14 percent over previous years,” he said. “Conditions are appropriate to raise citizen awareness and increase water conservation efforts.”Due to declining water levels in Lake Meredith and an extremely dry spring and hot summer, Edwards said the Borger Municipal Water System is requesting the citizens of Borger conserve water whenever possible.“Increased water consumption and reduced water allocations from the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority have placed significantly higher demands on the city’s water wells,” he said. “Currently, the city’s water wells are being utilized at a rate which is detrimental to the efficient use of the aquifer.”In response, Edwards said the city recently placed two additional water wells in service and has just completed test holes for three additional water wells.A number of the cities in this area have already implemented stage one of their drought contingency plans, he said. While the Borger Municipal Water System has considered such action, city staff believes that public education and voluntary conservation efforts are more appropriate at this time.A number of ways citizens can conserve water are as follows:•Reducing the number of days per week they water their lawns•Watering lawns early in the morning or late evening to reduce evaporation•Refraining from watering on windy days•Adjusting sprinklers to only water lawns, shrubs, and other vegetation, thus eliminating any overspray or runoff onto the sidewalk or street•Repairing or replacing any leaking water faucets or sprinklers•Refraining from cleaning patios, sidewalks, or driveways with waterEdwards said there are a number of water conservation resources available on the Internet. The City of Borger web site,, will be updated to include water conservation information and links to appropriate water conservation sites.Please call the Water Treatment Plant at 806-273-0965 for any questions and comments about water conservation or water quality issues.