Boomtown Theater presenting one-act plays March 1-3

The Boomtown Theater presents its fifth début and duet starting this Thursday.There are two different directors and two different one-act plays that will be presented. The theater will be serving a dinner before the two productions. First in line is “He Said and She Said” by Alice Gerstenberg and directed by Tara Richelle Hopkins, five-year actor for the Boomtown Theater and first time director. The play consists of four characters, Diana Chesbrough (Erin Acosta) - a society girl, Enid Haldeman (Claire Huffine) -her friend; Felix Haldeman (Caleb Berry) - her husband, and the fire starter Mrs. Packard (Susan Rawlins) - their friend.“He Said and She Said” is basically a story of gossip. There was a working man named Felix and his wife Enid works as a nurse. Enid hosts a small dinner party with their friends, Mrs. Packard and Diana Chesbrough. Unfortunately, Mrs. Packard is a gossipy woman. With her rotten tongue, she tried to break the friendship between Felix, Enid and Diana by saying to Enid that actually Diana loves Felix and Felix loves Diana too (what a mad woman!). The naïve Enid almost believed in Packard. However, finally Diana could overcome the problem by deceiving Packard.Following “He Said and She Said” will be “The Poet and Muse,” written and directed by Sam Cornelius. This too is a comedy about a comedy writer in his “beer period.” Basically he is a slob. Then the god of comedy comes in and gives him a little push to write better comedy.These two one-acts are set for March 1,2, and 3, 2012. Doors open at 6 p.m., dinner is served at 6:30 p.m. and shows will kick off at 7 p.m. or once everyone is through eating.To make reservations call 273-2656 or 680-4621.