BISD board approves policy update

The Borger ISD board approved a policy update during its regular meeting Thursday evening.One of the policies, known as FO (Local), pertains to student discipline. Corporal punishment will not be used when a parent has submitted a signed statement to the principal prohibiting the use of corporal punishment. The parent can reinstate corporal punishment by submitting another signed statement at any time.Video and audio recording equipment will be used for safety purposes to monitor student behavior on district property. Signs will be posted notifying students and parents about the district’s use of audio and video equipment.Another policy approved under the update, FFH (Local), pertains to student welfare (freedom from discrimination, harassment, and retaliation), and addresses the topic of dating violence specifically.It is now considered dating violence if a person who dated or is dating a student commits violent acts against the student’s current spouse or dating partner.Also approved was EFAA (Local), a policy pertaining to instructional materials (selection and adoption). The “Textbook Selection Committee” has been changed to the “Instructional Materials Selection Committee.” The majority of the committee members shall be classroom teachers. The requirement that only professional staff may be members of the instructional materials selection committee has been deleted.DFBB (Local) pertains to term contracts (non-renewal). Changes to the reasons for non-renewal emphasize that a reduction in force can either be based on financial exigency (a case or decision demanding prompt action) or a program change.A administrative (principal) recommendation to the superintendent for non-renewal is now required, and must be supported by relevant documentation. The final decision on administrative recommendations to the board on each employee’s contract rests with the superintendent. There are also new deadline and delivery procedures. For notice of proposed non-renewal, such recommendations must be received 10 days before the last day of instruction, and hand delivery of the recommendations must be attempted before they are sent by mail.CV (Local) pertains to facilities construction. A change order permitted by law will be approved by the board or designee prior to changes being made in the plans or construction of a facility.CDA (Local) pertains to other revenues (investments). The investment officer will develop procedures to monitor investment ratings and will liquidate investments that do not maintain a satisfactory rating.Also included in the policy were DC (Local) pertaining to employment practices, and CLA (Local) pertaining to buildings, grounds, and equipment management (security).In other business, the board approved action on its financial audit. Chance Welch, BISD superintendent, said the district once again received an unqualified opinion on its financial audit. Brown, Graham, and Company, who are new auditors for the district, presented the audit.“Some deficiencies were noted as well as a material weakness due to prior period adjustments made by auditors,” Welch said.The board also appointed a new member to the board. Bill Myers will be filling the spot recently vacated by longtime board member Johnny Rusten. Rusten’s resignation was officially accepted by the board at its November meeting.Welch said that Kevin McClellan, a teacher at Borger Middle School, has announced his intentions to retire at the end of the first semester. He also said that Jason Carter has been named the Borger High Girls Head Volleyball Coach. See today’s sports page for more information on this announcement.