BHS students secure positions in All State Choir

Haley Vinyard, Flor Espino, and Frankie Barazza each secured a position within the Texas All State Choir last week after completing their final round of auditions.
Alex Mann
Managing Editor

Three Borger High School students are returning home having secured a position in the Texas All-State Choir. The achievement of these students once again reaffirms the Borger Choral Department's stellar record of success both regionally and state wide, and a special press release from Johnny Miller was able to explain the true scope of this accomplishment, and extend congratulations to Borger's all state students: Haley Vinyard, Flor Espino, and Frankie Barazza.

“On Saturday, January 9, six members of the Borger High School Choral Arts department traveled to Abilene for the third and final in the annual series of auditions towards the Texas All-State Choir which is held in San Antonio in early February.” Miller writes, “Students from all choral departments in the Texas Panhandle, extending to the Dallas Area, travelled to compete at Abilene Cooper High School for a spot in the All State Choir.” The selection process for the all state choir is designed to weed out thousands of students state wide. Many districts and campuses are lucky to even have one student talented enough to make the state choir, but shockingly, it's not unusual for the small town of Borger to contribute three or more students to the state choir annually. “This audition was the final of four which began with some 10,000 students with a dream of being in the All State Choir.” Miller continues, “This area of competition is comprised of the schools throughout the Panhandle, Lubbock area, Abilene, Wichita Falls, and Dallas areas, made up of all classifications 1A-6A schools. This year marks the second year in which students could compete for a place in the Texas All-State Choir for Small Schools which were classified as 1A-4A. Region 1 brought their best four voices in four sections to comprise a total section of sixteen voices from which only eight students would be selected for the Texas All-State Small School Choir. Students were required to sing cuts from three selected pieces of music and to sight-read. The audition process began at 9:00 a.m. and finished at 3:00 p.m. Borger took 6 students, 4 competing and 2 alternates.”

Though Borger consistently raises outstanding talent, that in no way diminishes the achievement of these three students, and Miller was eager to credit their accomplishments. “Congratulations to these fine choral students, their vocal coaches, Larissa Cunningham and Amy Gipson, and their superior display of Borger Talent and dedication!” He writes, “The community and school can be very proud of this tradition of continued success because of a philosophy by the Borger Choral Arts Department, in which the best and most well rounded education a student can have is to instill the three A’s: Academics, Athletics and the Arts – which feed the Mind, the Body and the Soul.”