BHS Homecoming Parade to be held next Thursday

As Borger High School prepares to celebrate its Homecoming festivities for 2011, one of the highlights of this year’s activities will be a homecoming parade next Thursday.The parade route will line up at 5 p.m. in the parking lot of Cornerstone Christian Church, 10th and Main, and proceed south on Main Street, west on Third Street, and south on McGee towards BHS. It is set to begin at around 6 or 6:30 p.m. that evening.The parade will end in the Borger High School parking lot, and the pep rally will be held at Tex Hanna Gym shortly after the conclusion of the parade.When participants arrive at Cornerstone the night of the parade, they are asked to find the row and number in which they have been assigned and proceed to their spot. Several BHS volunteers will be available to assist if parade participants have questions.All drivers of vehicle entry floats must be at least 18 years of age and must have a copy of a valid Texas Drivers License along with their vehicle parade registration. All participants will provide a description of their vehicles that will be driven in the parade. Motorcycles, four wheelers, and any kind of off-road vehicles will not be permitted.Parade entries are to be structurally sound and safely designed. The main platform must have no holes or hollow areas where someone could fall through. All standing persons must have something on which to hold, such as a railing, pole, or handle; or they must be seated at all times.The number of people riding in vehicles cannot exceed the number of people the vehicle is designed to carry (i.e. the number of seat belts in the car). Too many people riding in the car will result in the vehicle being deemed unsafe and and will result in the elimination of the car unless revisions are made.No one will be permitted to ride on the roof or hood of a moving vehicles. Convertibles are exempt to this rule. All parade entries should take note of the parade route, and participants’ vehicles must be able to make the required turns the route dictates.Any decorations or debris that fall off the parade entries should be picked up by the organization and not left to litter city streets. This includes Cornerstone Christian Church and Borger High School.Drivers need to be aware of spectators and other parade entires. Entries must maintain appropriate distances (one car length) from the entry in front of them. Large gaps between entries can pose a safety hazard as well as following too closely.No vehicle in the parade can stop en route to load or unload passengers. Any participant who violates city, county, or state ordinances will be referred to the appropriate authorities.After registration is received, parade entrants will be contacted and assigned a number in which they will line up. There will be BHS representatives to help guide parade participants to proper line-up position at Cornerstone.Please fill out and return the parade registration to Jimmie McCarthy at Borger High School. No unregistered floats or vehicles will be permitted to participate without registering. All registration will be due to Jimmie McCarthy at BHS by October 7th, 2011 by 4 pm. Registration may be faxed at 806-273-1036, emailed to or returned to the BHS Main Office. Questions may be referred to Jimmie McCarthy at 806-273-1029.