BEDC enters agreement with Fuzzy’s Radiator

Earlier this year Alan Jones, of Fuzzy’s Radiator Service, approached the Borger Economic Development Board to see what kind of assistance the EDC could provide as the company looked into expanding their heat exchanger process at their facilities located on the south side of Borger near Highway 207.After looking at the project and taking time for discussion on the project, on Tuesday the EDC Board approved an incentive agreement with Fuzzy’s Radiator that will grant the company an investment of $700,000 over a five year period during their regularly scheduled April meeting.The first $300,000 the EDC will provide will be used to help with the expansion and the purchasing new equipment that includes a laser cutter and some welding equipment, according to Dan Redd, Borger EDC CEO.The remaining $400,000 will be given to Fuzzy’s Radiator in payments of $100,000 over the next four years for the purpose of assisting in the hiring of 50 additional employees that is expected to take place by 2012, based on the number of employees with Fuzzy’s Radiator as of January 1, 2011.