BBB offers smart shopping tips for Cyber Monday

Tom Hinde

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is offering online shoppers several tips to manage your privacy and avoid scams. First, always shop with companies you know and trust. Secondly, only shop on secure sites. It's always best to go to the site by typing the URL yourself rather than clicking on an email or other link. Thirdly, pay securely. Never wire money for a purchase. Use a credit card to make online purchases; they offer the most protection. Checkout sites should have an 's' after http in the URL and many also have the word 'secure' or 'secured'. Fourthly, be savvy. Don't shop for price alone. Consider shipping costs and return policies/costs. Lastly, be on the alert to phishing. This time of year always brings out scams. Many consumers receive bogus emails claiming to track packages. The bogus links within could put you at risk. Always check the source before you click to avoid linking to unknown sites. For more information call (806) 379-7133 or visit and select Holiday Helper.