Bar scene safety is key to good times

Tabitha Fleming
Staff Writer

During the past year, there has been more than one act of violence at the local bars, and it can begin to seem like that is just par for the course with such entities. However, according to one local bar owner, that's not necessarily true.

“The number one issue is security. You've got to have people that are responsible,” said Donald Artunian who is better known as “Crash”, the owner of Wizzard's Watering Hole, on Highway 136 just outside the Borger city limits. The local bar has been in business for the past twenty-three years and is no stranger to controversy. What is suprising, however, is that the reports of violence from the place with a reputation for being a biker bar or a strip club are relatively few, especially these days.

The bar itself has a regular crowd which he credits with helping him to keep the violent or disorderly incidents to a minimum. “They tell me when something is a problem,” he said of his loyal local customers.

It's not only security it's also that at Wizzard's the staff still has chivalry down, all female employees are escorted to their vehicles nightly. Crash says he won't hesistate to remove anyone causing trouble at his place either, Wizzard's, he said is for everyone to come together, relax and have fun, not get loud and start fights. “The only loud thing we want in here is music and laughter,” he said. “Just good times.”