Area residents should resolve to be ready

There is a system in place for area citizens that gives them the ability to be ready in the case of emergency.The City of Borger has been part of the Panhandle Area Regional Information System (PARIS) since last year. This system, which is a mass notification system, has the ability to deliver an emergency or informational message by voice, e-mail, text message, fax, pager, or any combination of these.The system encourages citizens to resolve to be ready. The more contact points that residents enter into this system, the more likely they are to receive notice when time is of the essence. Any information entered into this system belongs to the individual that provided it. No one else can see it or use it for any other purpose other than for notifications. It will know to send a call or text message to the cell phone, email address, or home phone number entered by a registering resident.In order to get registered for this service, all a person has to do is access the City of Borger web site at and click on the link on the left side that says “Resolve to be Ready”.Once a person clicks on the link, he or she can choose to get either region wide alerts or alerts that are more specific to the county.If a person clicks on the Hutchinson County alert link, they have the option to get notifications from Hutchinson County, the National Weather Service (in email or text message form only), the City of Borger, the City of Fritch, the City of Sanford, and the City of Stinnett.Those who choose to receive Hutchinson County notices can receive emergency notices and home safety warnings. Examples would be wildfires, evacuations, and boil orders. Community and neighborhood alerts are also available under the county notices. Examples include amber alerts, silver alerts, missing children, and criminal activity.The National Weather Service notifications will send a person notifications specified for Hutchinson County.Those choosing to receive any of the city notices can get emergency notices and public safety warnings and community and neighborhood alerts. Those receiving City of Borger notices also have the option of receiving public works and utility notices and parks and recreation notices.The site is powered by i-INFO. Those who have currently have username and passwords from any previous registration need to login and the system will fill out the registration form directly from their personal profile.If a person doesn’t remember his or her username or password to i-INFO, on the login screen, he or she will be provided an option to have the system to send it to them. If a person does not have a username and password, he or she needs to click the “New i-INFO Registration” option available.Those wishing to fill out a registration form need to fill in name information, home contact information, work contact information, and other information.Mobile messages, especially text messages, are the most rapid format to receive emergency alerts, but registrants should provide as many options to receive messages as possible. Not all messages will be sent by voice or as text messages.Receipt of email, voice, and text messages require operational connections via land lines, mobile, or Internet enabled devices. To receive text messages, the text messaging option must be available and enabled on the mobile device.This service doesn’t charge registrants to receive notifications, but standard phone charges, mobile minutes, and text messaging rates may apply for calls and text messages you receive as provided in your telephone or wireless plan. Each registrant should contact their service provider for details.Changes to personal preferences and contact information can be made by logging into your profile at can opt out of receiving messages at any time by updating their profile accordingly. By registering, a person affirms he or she is 13 years old or older, he or she is the responsible party for the phone, text, or email accounts they have listed to be contacted, he or she understands their information may be shared with authorized representatives of the agencies they selected, and he or she understands they may receive notices of new system enhancements when those improvements are released.Those signing up for this service should be reminded that local television and radio, NOAA Weather Radio, outdoor warning sirens, and other warning systems are still the primary sources for immediate emergency information.For more information, call (806) 273-0905 or (806) 273-0999.