Area Grinches stealing Christmas

There are several Grinches right here in Borger trying to steal Christmas one home at a time.This holiday season, there have been many reports of shredded blow up outdoor Christmas decorations and other decorations stolen right out of people’s yards.Lt. Anthony Griffin of the Borger Police Department said, “We have stepped up our patrolling in the evenings and nighttime in residential areas.” At this time there have not been any arrests for this crime, but Borger PD is investigating to find the green men with hearts two sizes too small. Locals have told the BNH about their experiences and devastation of their stolen and damaged Christmas decorations. Tara Davis Moyer stated, “Unfortunately, we had a young man come into our yard several nights ago. He damaged one of our decorations and now the lights won’t work on part of it. “The sad thing is that my husband spends hours each year to put out these decorations for everyone to come and look at and enjoy and some little punk thinks it’s okay to go around destroying people’s property. “Our neighbors down the street also lost one of their toy soldiers. It was ripped out of their yard, which ended up messing some of their wiring up. “My husband happened to see these jerks in our yard and went out and ran them off. He didn’t get a license plate number but did get a good description of the vehicle these guys are using. It’s a white Ford Ranger, single cab, with an aluminum tool box in the bed of the truck. This same truck was also ran out of Meadowlark a few nights ago.”Kelley Landrum Chisum continued after Moyer, stating, “Yes, we were the neighbors that had one of our vintage 1960s toy soldiers ripped out of the ground. My husband has them staked to the ground so when they couldn’t get it easily they just broke his feet off. They messed up some of our lights and stole an extension cord. We are just frustrated with the lack of respect some people have for other people’s property!”Borger police ask all citizens who are a victim of this this act of crime to immediately call and report what they have seen. To make reports, call 273-0930.