Area citizens give thanks

Borger citizens are giving thanks to the community this holiday season.Local citizens called the Borger News-Herald and posted on Facebook complimenting others in the community and how they have given back to them. “I am a handicapped citizen and I wanted to give thanks to the Borger Fire Department, Vernon and Sons, and the people who work for Dollar General. These people have helped me in and out of my car several times. One gentleman from the fire department even carried my purse for me. I just want to say there are good people in this town. Thank you and God bless them for all that they do,” stated Lonna Tate. Cindy Nickell stated, “The community has given me a great place to raise my children into successful adults. I truly believe you only get back from the community what you give to the community.” “I get so excited when I drive down Main St. and see the flower boxes. I'm so grateful that trees and flowers have been planted and are updated. I've meant to write the editor for a couple of years and forget! But I am very grateful,” said Becky Sanders –Dietz. Christian Armstrong said, “I thought I was having a heart attack, but come to find out it was my gallbladder. I had zero insurance and the Golden Plains Community Hospital gave me the best care I have ever had and removed my gallbladder that day. We really do have a great hospital. It was the best care I have ever had. ” The Publisher of the BNH, Debra Wells stated, “What's not to like about Hutchinson County, Borger, Fritch, Sanford and Stinnett? These are great communities filled with great people.I'm particularly thankful for those individuals who serve on school boards, city councils, the hospital district board, county commission and more, and for those who volunteer at local non-profit organizations. These folks are unpaid and unnoticed and - sometimes - vilified, but always faithful.I'm thankful for Borger News-Herald readers and advertisers, especially our local advertisers who keep the wheels turning in Hutchinson County.The people of Hutchinson county have been described as independent and hardworking. What a great legacy to leave to our children. What a great place to live. “What do you have to give thanks for? Post it on our Facebook page for others to see.