Agrium announces $720m expansion to Borger plant


     Calgary, Alberta -- Agrium Inc has announced expansino plans for their plant in Borger.


     The expansion project will add a new urea production unit of approximately 610,000 tonnes, of 

which approximately 100,000 tonnes will be Diesel Emission Fuel (“DEF”) grade urea. DEF is 

used to reduce nitrogen oxide (“NOx”) emissions in diesel vehicles and this product will help 

diversify our end-markets. The project will also increase the annual ammonia capacity for the 

facility by approximately 145,000 tonnes, bringing the total annual gross ammonia capacity to 

approximately 635,000 tonnes1. The total capital cost of the project is expected to be 

approximately $720-million. Construction will fully commence in March 2014, with completion 

expected in the second half of 2015. During this construction period, the Borger facility is 

expected to operate at normal production rates. 


     "Agrium is one of the largest and lowest cost producers of nitrogen in the world. The upgrade 

and expansion at the Borger facility will continue to grow our nitrogen footprint in this important 

agricultural region while providing a strong return on investment. The project will ensure the 

facility’s future longevity, while using the latest in environmental control technology," said 

Agrium’s President & CEO, Chuck Magro. 


     “The expansion project will also provide greater flexibility to meet changes in demand by 

product and region and reduce our reliance on existing ammonia distribution channels,” added 

Mr. Magro.