9/11 monument will be delayed

Everyone is curious to see the new monument representing the tragic events occurring on 9/11. Bob Tiffany of the 9/11 Memorial Committee confirmed this week that Borger will not see the monument for another few months. According to Tiffany, they are still in the process of getting drawings for the monument. “Once we get the drawings ready, we still need to send out bids. It won’t be ready for at least two or three months after the drawings are drawn up,” he said. On May 11, 2011, two large pieces of World Trade Center steel from Ground Zero arrived in Borger, escorted by emergency vehicles.The procession started at Rice Construction and proceeded down Cedar to Zachry Construction, where the monument will be made for the 9/11 Memorial in Borger’s Huber Park.The two pieces of steel for the memorial each measure 78” X 34” X 15” and each weighs 1,290 pounds. According to Tiffany, each beam representing the World Trade Center will sit atop a rusted steel plate that will rest on a five-sided base. The complete event is to be told sequentially on the panels of the five-sided base which represents the Pentagon. Topping out the bottom piece will be green stone representing the field where one of the airliners crashed in Pennsylvania. The story of the 9/11 tragedy will be told in copy that is laser-cut into the stainless steel base platform. The main platform is covered with black granite tile. The pedestal, to be made out of gray unpolished granite, will rise on a five-sided convergent tile-covered column and capped by a polished stainless steel platform. The World Trade Center beams will rise from a Cor-ten steel pentagon set in the corner of the green granite pentagon. Local dolomite will be used for the perimeter wall to establish local context for the monument. There will also be local greenery surrounding it as well. The memorial will be located north of the bird sanctuary and north of the Rotary Club flagpole. Anyone with questions on the memorial or wanting to contribute may contact Tiffany at 886-3879 or via email at bobtiffany@cableone.net.