9/11 monument steel set to arrive Wednesday

The steel for a 9/11 monument to be constructed in Borger is set to arrive Wednesday.Locals are encouraged to line for the streets for the arrival of the steel taking place at 1 p.m., which is coming straight from Ground Zero of the World Trade Center via Pierce Trucking.The procession will start at Rice Construction and will then go down Cedar to Zachry Construction, where the monument will be made for the 9/11 memorial in Huber Park. Locals are encouraged to line Cedar Street and show their support.The project has been overseen by Elks Lodge #1581.The memorial will be located north of the bird sanctuary and north of the Rotary Club flagpole. Bob Tiffany, who is with the 9/11 Memorial Committee and is a member of the Elks Lodge, said the location of the memorial was approved through the city council and Mayor Jeff Brain.He said he first found out the steel, which is straight from the World Trade Center site, was available in September 2009. The steel was made available through the September 11th Families Association. It was recovered from the site after 9/11 and secured at JFK Airport by The Port Authority of NY and NJ until now.Tiffany said the steel that will be received for the memorial in Borger is an eight-foot long, 12 inch-I Beam. It will be cut into two four-foot pieces to depict the Twin Towers of the memorial. The two four-foot pieces will be diagonally offset on the memorial as the floorplan of the World Trade Center originally was. The two pieces will sit on a rusted steel base plate, which sits on top of a five-sided base representing the Pentagon. On top of the bottom piece will be green stone that represents the field where one of the airliners crashed in Pennsylvania. The 9/11 story is told sequentially on the panels of the five-sided base that represents the Pentagon.The story of the 9/11 tragedy will be told in copy that is laser-cut into the stainless steel base platform. The heroism of the firefighters, policemen, city workers, local residents and the victims will be told briefly and concisely.The criminals and culture of the criminals that planned and perpetrated the 9/11 attacks will also be identified so that with the years that pass, the children of this generation and generations to come will not forget what happened on that fateful day.The main platform is approximately 13 feet wide at its maximum width in both directions, and the platform is covered with black granite tile.The pedestal, to be made out of gray unpolished granite, will rise on a five-sided convergent tile-covered column and capped by a polished stainless steel platform, the lower level of which is approximately 30 inches tall to allow for viewing by small children.The World Trade Center beams will rise from a Cor-ten steel pentagon set in the corner of a green granite pentagon. The entire structure will be approximately six feet tall.Local dolomite will be used for the perimeter wall to establish local context for the monument. There will also be local greenery surrounding it as well.Tiffany said it is hoped that the monument will be completed by the 10th anniversary of 9/11. At that time, a memorial service and dedication of the memorial will be held at the same time.Along with Tiffany, the 9/11 Memorial Committee is composed of County Judge Faye Blanks, Hutchinson County Sheriff Guy Rowh, and Borger Police Chief Jimmy Adams, and Borger Fire Chief Bob Watson.Anyone with questions on the memorial or wanting to contribute can contact Tiffany by phone at 886-3879 or via email at bobtiffany@cableone.net.