4-H beginning dog club project

The Hutchinson County 4-H is taking on a project centered around the animal we like to call “man’s best friend.”The club has a new dog club project forming and would love to invite local youth to become part of the group. Youth between the ages of nine (or in the third grade) up through high school seniors are eligible to join 4-H.The program is aimed at those who love dogs, those who would like to teach their dog tricks, behavior skills, and simple commands, those interested in showing their dogs, the training of dogs for hunting purposes, and those wanting to learn more about dogs, their health, and their nutrition needs.Dogs participating in the program do not have to be registered or spayed or neutered. However, they do need to be controlled, so an adult is required to attend the dog training sessions until it is seen that the dog can be restrained by the member. Dogs must be up-to-date on their vaccinations.The class is beginning later this month, and is limited to 10 dogs. The class will be held in Borger, lasting six to eight weeks. It is free to 4-H members. More advanced classes are being planned following the basic class, including agility and bird dog training. There are even opportunities available to show one’s dog at the State 4-H Dog Show next year in a wide variety of classes.Those wanting more information can call the Hutchinson County Extension Office at 878-4026 for more information on opportunities or Jane Mann at 231-7445 for specific information on the dog project.There is a fee to join 4-H, and those interested in joining can log on to www.4honline.com to sign up.