2011 Constitutional Amendment Election results for Hutchinson County

2011 Constitutional Amendment Election results for Hutchinson CountyProp 1: Tax exemption for surviving spouse of veteranIn Favor 644 Against 85Prop 2: Texas Water Development Board issue additional bonds not exceed six billionIn Favor 422 Against 305Prop 3: Issue bonds to finance education loans to studentsIn Favor 371 Against 355Prop 4: Permit county to issue bonds for developmentIn Favor 297 Against 428Prop 5: Allow city and county to enter interlocal contractsIn Favor 483 Against 241Prop 6: General Land Office distribute revenue for public educationalIn Favor 390 Against 333Prop 7: Permit El Paso County to create reclamation districtsIn Favor 327 Against 383Prop 8: Appraisal for ad valorem tax of land devoted to water stewardshipIn Favor 355 Against 357Prop 9: Authorize Governor to pardon a person who completed deferred adjudication In Favor 366 Against 350Prop 10: Extend length of unexpired term which trigger automatic resignationIn Favor 468 Against 249