“Arrive Alive” assembly set for Tuesday

The sophomore class wants Hutchinson County residents to take the pledge to “arrive alive – don't text and drive.”A special assembly will be held at 10:50 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 20, in the Borger High School auditorium. These plans are under the leadership of J.T. Conner, president of the sophomore class. Also aiding in the project have been fellow class officers Christian Marr, historian; Callie Galloway, secretary; Lane Myers, vice-president; and Britany Rodriguez.Conner said they believe too many people are hurt or killed in car wrecks because of distracted driving. There will be t-shirts available to promote the campaign and they have been able to raise money thanks to local businesses to help pay for the shirts.At the assembly, the sophomore class officers plan to define what distracted driving is, give key facts and statistics, and will challenge the student body to take the pledge to not text while driving with a 100 percent participation rate. They will have the chance to make their pledge with the signing of a pledge card.When students and citizens sign a pledge card to not text while driving, they will receive a free t-shirt.On the day of the assembly, there will be a skit put on by the drama team, and Matt Armstrong from Refinishing Systems will be bringing out wrecked cars to have a crash scene. There will be students there to simulate having been involved in such a wreck, and their families will also be there participating in the scenario.Gabriel Medrano from the Texas Department of Public Safety will be the featured speaker for the assembly, and a video from AT&T will be shown. The video will allow students to witness to others how distracted driving affected their lives. It will also let audience members see what was “so important” that they had to text, and its effects on other people.Golden Plains Community Hospital, Conner Industries, and Refinishing Systems will have tables set up in the foyer with the pledge cards and handouts. The sophomore class officers will witness the pledge card signing, file the cards, and document the participation.