VVA holding annual scholarship contest

Vietnam Veterans of America will be awarding their 2011 annual scholarships to four Hutchinson County high school seniors. There will be a scholarship that will be awarded to a senior from each high school in the county. Interested applicants must submit an essay to enter.Application forms and information were distributed to each of the Hutchinson County High Schools earlier in the year. The application process will close on April 15, 2011.VVA provides Honor Guards for veterans’ funerals, scholarships, participation in community events, and compassionate care and assistance for homeless veterans, as well as participation in other projects. VVA also is a non-profit organization. The topic this year is “What was the significance of the 1968 Tet Offensive on the Vietnam War?” Essays must and will be:*Minimum of 1,000 words *Judged on content, appearance, grammar, originality, and punctuation. *Type double-spaced essays only. *The title page and the bibliography are not included in the 1000 words. *Each essay must reflect the applicant’s own research, writing and original thinking. *The Internet or World Wide Web should not be the only source for your essay. *Each essay must include a title page, not considered text, with the following information: essay title, author’s name and date. The title of the essay, but not the author’s name, must appear on the top of the first page of the essay text. *A bibliography with references must be included and clearly identified. Those interested in the program can obtain forms and requirements and more at their website www.vvachapter404.com or by contacting their high school counselors.