UPDATE #3: Grass fire north of Stinnett now mainly under control

A grass fire is currently raging at the Turkey Track Ranch, approximately 15 miles northeast of Stinnett. According to Danny Richards, Hutchinson County's Chief Emergency Services Coordinator, the fire has currently consumed approximately 200-300 acres of land.

Emergency crews from Hutchinson County, Stinnett, Borger, Fritch, Skellytown, Spearman, the Crutch Ranch, Big Creek Ranch, and the Parks Service are all on-scene attempting to help control the blaze.

No mention was made of how contained the fire currently is, but Richards did say that firetrucks are positioned to attempt to divert the flames from a farmhouse located near the scene.

Updates and photos to come.

***UPDATE 6:02*** -  Danny Richards has informed the News-Herald that the Red Cross is on scene at the Turkey Track Ranch. Also, a DPS helicopter and a helicopter from a private ranch are spotting for fire fighters. 

A third helicopter is performing water drops to help beat back the flames.

Richards said that emergcy crews have been successful in protecting the farmhouse, but the fire is only about 50% contained and crews could be on scene until midnight battling the blaze. Approximately 500 acres have been burned.

The harsh terrain hinders efforts; currently crews are attempting to move a motor grater that has become stuck. 

***UPDATE 6:12*** - Authorities have confirmed an accident involving a News Channel 10 reporter. 

As a News Channel 10 vehicle from Amarillo was leaving the area of the Turkey Track Ranch fire, the driver lost control and rolled. The driver was the only occupant, and no injuries have been reported.

Danny Richards said, "There is a small caliche road out there that forms a very tight S-Curve and ... I guess he didn't make the turn."

***UPDATE 6:30*** - Richards has informed the News-Herald that "the main part of the fire is now under control." 

A helicopter will remain on scene to drop water on hot spots as fire crews put out the remaining flames. He estimates that emergency crews will be at the Ranch for "a few more hours."