Stay safe this Memorial Day weekend

As families across the country get ready to kick off the summer and honor our military heroes this Memorial Day weekend, local officials urge motorists to stay safe on the road during a time of year when drunk driving deaths typically increase. Over Memorial Day weekend in 2011, 158 people were killed in drunk driving crashes nationwide.A tip for safe driving over the holiday weekend and year-round is to plan a safe way home. Arrange a sober ride home, or offer to be the sober designated driver, wear a seat belt, and don’t call or text. Any form of impaired driving poses a serious threat to those on the road, and pay attention to other drivers on the road and avoid those driving erratically.Citizens may be spending some of their time camping at Lake Meredith for the weekend. If so, they need to be aware of rattlesnakes. According to Chief Park Ranger Jones at Lake Meredith, rattlesnakes are coming out of hibernation and moving to their normal range. This is the time of year where Prairie and Diamondback rattlesnakes are most commonly seen. If anyone is bitten by a snake, get to a hospital as soon as possible and make sure you have a clear description of the snake. Lake Meredith is not under any fire restrictions, so campfires are allowed. Jones also advised visitors to not consume a lot of adult beverages and to stay well hydrated. Law enforcement will be increasing their efforts over the holiday weekend. Follow all safety tips, which have the power to save lives and prevent injuries.