Simon making special appearance at American Karate Studios

On Saturday, January 7th,, 2012, Carmichael Simon an innovator in Martial Arts, actor and dance choreographer is teaching a special class and signing autographs at the American Karate Studios located on the corner of 5th and Main Streets.Carmichael appeared on the popular T.V. Show “W.M.A.C. Masters”, a television show that was hosted by Bruce Lee’s daughter Shannon Lee. Carmichael also played Liu Kang on the Live tour “Mortal Kombat”.Carmichael Simon is a young and accomplished and versatile martial artist/stuntman/entertainer who has practiced for over 25 years. His disciplines in martial arts are Tae Kwon Do, WuShu Southern Shaolin and Northern Shaolin Kung Fu.Carmichael is also very active. not as a martial artist or actor, but also as a trainer in dance and hip hop. He has now been a trainer to various celebrities in the martial arts and hip-hop communities.Simon has served as the dance choreographer for top artist including Usher and Justin Beiber. On January 12th, Simon will be teaching explosive Martial Arts drills for stunt work, Tricks such as par core and specialty kicking and martial arts dance groove (Freestyle). The class will run from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.For more information about Simon’s appearance in Borger and to sign up for the special class, contact Master Baca at 806-654-4874.