Recent rains cause Lake Meredith to rise

The recent thunderstorms in the area have caused Lake Meredith to rise nearly two feet over the last week, according to Hutchinson County Fire Marshal Danny Richards.After dropping to a record low of 29.80 feet on April 9th, Lake Meredith’s water depth on Monday was measuring at 31.37 feet and Richards expects the level to continue to rise over the next 10 days before leveling off. Last Wednesday’s thunderstorms brought nearly five inches of rain to the Fritch area and caused significant damage due to the hard hail. Richards said, “Most storms that we see have hail stones that are usually soft and mushy, but Wednesday was different with the stones being extremely hard,which did cause significant damage.”As of Tuesday morning, Richards said the cost of damage to property around Hutchinson County is still not known. However, he said he knows of one local body shop who has had over 25 cars come in for estimates due to significant hail damage.Richards said county emergency response vehicles saw nearly $45,000 in damage from Wednesday’s storms.